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Note: No longer available. 

Interested in talking about some of your favorite books? It seems like there'd be no one better to discuss with than the authors who wrote them. Now, Barnes and Noble has launched their new bookclub, "Where readers and writers meet."

I explored a little but haven't really jumped in with both feet yet. However, anywhere where I can discuss The Boleyn Inheritance with Philippa Gregory and The Memory Keeper's Daughter with Kim Edwards can't possibly be a bad place.

In addition, they have forums with a group of readers discussing one book or set of books (I saw these for everything from Moby Dick to the entire Harry Potter series) and several writing book clubs. Based on my perusal, comments (particularly in the book-discussion forums) range from the inane to the insightful, so you might have to pick and choose. But there was definitely wisdom there to be found.

Oh! I almost forgot to's also entirely free. You have to get and B&N account, which means deleting some pesky emails, but even the discussions with the authors are free.

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