Are Coupons For Everyone? A Review of the Couponizer (and a Giveaway)


I love the idea of coupons. Saving money? I'm so for the idea. Cutting, sorting, and saving little scraps of paper that will probably end up getting eaten by the baby or in the bottom of my purse? I'm really not that into it. When a recent mission to find the perfect solution introduced me to the Couponizer, I knew it was love at first sight. 

I know that some people would be against the idea of spending money to save it, but let's face it – a few of us need more inspiration than a free, DIY coupon system can provide. When I took the Couponizer on my first shopping trips (and compared it to so many others on the market), I found that it met my needs sufficiently. And nothing more. Isn't that what most people look for in a coupon organizer? 

Here's the skinny on the Couponizer: 

  • It's portable, but not so small you can lose it. The spiral-bound book is sturdy, adequate for holding all the coupons I'll need for this trip and the next. (But not possibly big enough to hold 16 weeks of fully-clipped Sunday inserts. You might need a small briefcase for something like that.)
  • It's organized in the way most people think while shopping. There are categories for shopping, a place to put the coupons you most definitely plan on using, and a place for those coupons that are ready to be handed to the cashier (instead of handing them to your daughter, who will most certainly lose them somewhere between aisle 9 and aisle 20.) There's even a designated spot for keeping receipts when you're all done. (For making good on all those rebates you said you'd redeem, but almost never seem to get around to.)
  • The organizer comes complete with a shopping list, scissors, a savings tracker, and a plastic case to put it all in. This is huge for me, because up until now, I've been throwing it all in the diaper bag and praying for the best. (There's even room for my wallet in the case. We're good to go!) 

The gal who invented the Couponizer has made it her mission to help others use coupons in a practical way. She understands that it's only going to work if it's easy for you follow through with. As far as I'm concerned, I've officially entered the world of those “efficient coupon users” you see on the TV news shows. And that means I'll be saving money for a long time. 

Interested in learning more about this cool organizer? You can hear my recent interview with Amy Bergin (founder of the Couponizer) on Blog Talk Radio for details on using coupons to get you closer to your budget goals. While you're listening, pay close attention to the “secret code word” given out at the end of the show. It's your pass to entering to win one of two Couponizers (valued at $20 each) via our entry form

You have until next Friday, January 30th to get your entries in. The giveaway is open to U.S. Residents ages 18 and up only at this time. Good luck! 

And don't forget to visit for all the details on this great system!

This drawing is closed. The winners will be contacted shortly.

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