Art on the Web: 3 Resources for Getting Into Indie Art

It's always been easy for me to say that I support indie art, but it's been a lot harder to actually do. I mean, it's been easy to support artists I know (most of the art in my home has been done by myself, my friends, or my relatives), but it's hard to support artists I don't know, because...well, because I don't know them. If you've found yourself in the same boat, here are some resources for tracking down the indie artists you know you want to support.


If you don't know about etsy, you're missing out. They offer indie artists a marketplace in which to hawk their wares. You can find everything from GOCCO'd moleskine covers to swarovski crystal jewelry to screenprinted T's done by hand and custom wedding invitations.

PRO: If you want it and an indie artist does it, chances are that it's here.

CON: The search feature isn't as good as it could be, so you'll probably end up sifting through several pages of items before you find the one that's just right. As long as you're not in a huge hurry, it's not too bad.

2. Indie Fixx

Search this blog by category for some of the top indie items around. Plus, the commentary ranges from sweet and pithy to hilarious.

PRO: This blog has a fascinating selection of indie art of all sorts. I love the items that I wouldn't think to look for!

CON: There are some more well-known indie artists who don't seem to be represented here. The items posted are basically those that catch they eye of the writer, from what I can tell. Often, she's right on, but I definitely want to supplement with other resources.

3. Crafty Synergy

This blog offers interviews with many indie artists. It not only showcases their work, but discusses the creative process, how they got started, and all sorts of other tidbits that make you feel like you really know the people you're buying from.

PRO: Touching, funny, and sweet, this blog provides the intimacy that indie art promises to promote.

CON: This site doesn't showcase items, but artists. You might find that you like the sound of an artist, only to find that you don't actually like the work. Also, many of the artists interviewed a while ago have moved their web-homes or shut down.


Coming soon, for those of you who wonder about the indie movement, "Why Indie?"

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I like this site, too. I don't know if it's all indie stuff, but there are some cutesy things to be had.

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Thanks for the mention and your take on Indie Fixx. I'm glad you find the site useful--that's what it's all about for me!

Btw, I actually do try to stay away from featuring too many well known indie shops. I like to give both big and little shops a hand in their promotion and probably tend towards the smaller guys a little more... it's an editorial slant. ;) I also like to try and make sure that all of us bloggers aren't blogging about the same shops, b/c that would be boring for our readers.

I will make sure to add your blog to my blog reader! ;)

Sarah Winfrey's picture

Thanks for stopping by, Jen.  You run an awesome site and I was glad to feature you ;)