Ask the Readers: Do You Buy Apps?

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One of the joys of having a smartphone is the ability to download apps! From games to productivity tools, apps enhance the usefulness of any phone. While some people are willing to pay for an awesome new app, others try to only download them for free.

Do you buy apps? Why or why not? If no, do you opt to download free apps? What is your favorite app to use?

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Angie W

Free apps are what I go for. My favorite is Evernote, which helps me organize my life between all different devices I have

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Angie W

I like you on facebook

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I don't have a smart phone because the cheapest data plan is $30 extra dollars. The only way I'd likely purchase a plan and an app was if I felt that the $30 plus dollars would be saved as a result of the cost.


Guest's picture

I have never purchased an app. I download free apps, but if there were one I thought would be really useful in saving me money, I might consider purchasing it.

Guest's picture

Lol, no. I can't afford things like that.

Guest's picture

I buy apps to keep me entertained and kill time while I'm waiting at the doctor's office, on the bus, etc.

Guest's picture

I definitely do not purchase apps. The free camera and game apps are enough to keep me entertained. If I hear there is an app that I feel may be beneficial to me in the long run I would consider buying it.

Guest's picture

i do buy apps. only the ones i need they save me money.

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I buy apps that have features that I can't get freely. If the price is reasonable I don't mind supporting the developer. If I feel that the developer's model for free vs premium is manipulative, I will lot buy it. For example, if the only reason to pay is to not see ads, I won't buy. I also don't buy if the free version is purposefully unusable (missing key features.) Premium features need to be above and beyond not necessary for core functionality. I will however buy apps I might normally not buy when they are on sale on the market or at amazon.

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Drew Custer

I've downloaded only a couple free apps. I've downloaded 2 free games. Other than that, I can't really see myself buying any other apps. I always try the free versions first and then decide on buying the full thing. I haven't really found too many paid apps that I would want to buy though.

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Margaret Davis

Just upgraded to a Smartphone recently and so far have seen very few apps that I feel don't have an equivalent free version. As I use the phone more that may change BUT my goal is to be as frugal with minutes/battery as I am with app expenses.

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I save money by not having a smart phone, so I don't buy apps

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I liked your Facebook page