Ask the Readers: Do You Buy Organic Food?

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Eating healthy is important to your well-being and can also be beneficial to your wallet. Having a healthy diet can decrease health issues in the long run. As such, many people opt to eat organic foods! The health benefits can be great, but sometimes the price of organic food can steer people away from buying organic.

Do you buy organic food? Why or why not?

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Guest's picture

I actually have started ONLY buying organic food.

Guest's picture
Sarah Ann Wong

I don't usually buy organic food because I have an organic garden.

Guest's picture

Yes, I do, & it varies, but I prefer Organic leafy greens, herbs, & apples. I also buy some organic products for my pets. I try to budget for organic on things that matter most so I can avoid pesticides, etc. & watch for quick sales of organic at my grocery on items that are nearing expiration dates for very low pricing.

Guest's picture

I am try and buy organic about 80% of the time. Sometimes when money is really tight, I don't but for the most part, yes.

Guest's picture

I do buy organic food as much as possible. First off, you can really taste the difference in organic food. Did you ever buy non-organic produce that has no flavor, or is pithy? You may think you save money not buying it, but it ends up sitting there because no one wants to eat it. If you spend a little extra on organic, you know it is great for you, tastes great, and everyone will finish it off.

I think eating organic is eating as close to natural as possible. Weren't we all meant to eat that way? I don't want to eat genetically modified foods, or chemicals, day in and day out. It's just too hard on the body, and you are likely to end up with one or more of a variety of illnesses in the long run.

Sometimes, life is tough enough as it is, and I would like my family and I to get through it with as little illness as possible. Ensuring we focus on buying all our foods organic makes me know at least I've done my part.

Guest's picture

I buy organic when it's on sale (like milk, produce, teas and other items). Or if it is of high quality. For example, I prefer organic strawberries over regular supermarket ones because the flavor and texture is so much better (no mold!).

Guest's picture

I do buy organic food because I generally cook from scratch, so using raw and bulk ingredients is sometimes not too much more money. I wouldn't not be buying organic frozen entrees. Those tend to be very expensive per pound.

Guest's picture

I don't buy organic food for the simple reason that it costs 3X as much as regular food. I will admit that I like organic free-range (some other adjectives here) chicken. That stuff is great. But way too expensive to buy often.

Guest's picture
Margaret Davis

I've never seen the benefit to organic outweigh the increased cost.

Guest's picture
Kelly K

I scrupulously buy organic with certain produce such as apples, berries, bell peppers, potatoes, and carrots. I buy organic eggs andbananas for moral reasons and organic corn and soy to avoid GMO. But with prepared food like oats, I buy organic if it's on sale- less picky about that

Guest's picture

Yes, I try to buy local, organic, in season food.

Guest's picture
Melissa S

I definitely do! Even though I'm a student, I still manage to pick and choose which items I buy organic

Guest's picture

Sometimes, if the price is right I will buy organic.

Guest's picture

yes. but only if my budget allows. the only thing i always buy organic is apples

Guest's picture
sherri dube

Yes, absolutely!

Guest's picture

Organic as often as i can. I'm lmited only by what my local stores carry (no car).

Guest's picture

I don't normally buy organic foods because to the high prices, but I do grow a lot of my own (organic) fruits, vegetables, and herbs.

Guest's picture
Jeanie Wicker

I buy as much organic produce as I can, always buy organic milk and half and half, and eggs, and stock up on organic chicken breasts at Costco. I feel the extra cost is worth the increased health benefits.

Guest's picture

I buy organic milk because it is free of hormones and lasts a lot longer than regular milk.

Guest's picture

We're starting our baby on organic oatmeal, but that's about it so far. Our reasoning is that we grew up fine without organic, so we're just continuing along the same path.

Guest's picture

I rarely buy organic since it's not easy to find around here and it's more expensive. However, I try and buy from local farms during the summer.

Guest's picture

we buy mostly organic food