Ask the Readers: Do You Celebrate Halloween?

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Get ready, folks! Witches and mummies and ice princesses will roam the night in just a few weeks. But even if you're not in costume, there are many other ways to have fun on Halloween.

Do you celebrate Halloween? What traditions do you have for this holiday — costume parties, trick-or-treating with the kids, or horror movie night? If you don't celebrate Halloween, what will you do instead on the night of October 31st?

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Guest's picture

I celebrate Halloween by eating lots of candy and watching horror movies.

Guest's picture

Yes! Halloween is fun. I like the decorations, I like seeing kids in their costumes, I like the general aesthetic of it. Don't over-think it.

Guest's picture
Amber T.

Halloween is all about the horror movies at my house. And, maybe some fall treats while watching them.

Guest's picture

Yes, we celebrate Halloween. We like to go trick-or-treating with kids

Guest's picture

My mom always made us costumes and I hope to carry on that tradition, but I'm not nearly as artistic as she is. Hopefully grandma will help out! :)

Donna Freedman's picture

I don't dress up, but I love to hand out candy to the neighborhood kids. Always manage a "Yikes!" or an "OMG!" when I open the door to a scary costume -- and invariably the kids wiggle with pride that they scared the lady.

Guest's picture
Elizabeth D.

We will go to a few houses so that the kids can experience Halloween without too much candy and possibly hand out some. The last few years we were living in Alaska so the door to door Halloween experience was out of the question as there was already snow on the ground and frigid temperatures!

Guest's picture
Mary Happymommy

My kids dress up and I take them trick or treating.

Guest's picture

Yes, we pass out candy to little kids in the neighborhood.

Then we eat lots of left-over candy :)

Guest's picture
Tina in NJ

We used to take the kids trick or treating, but the younger one is now in 7th grade. If she decides to go with friends, Mom is going to be left behind to dole out the candy.

Guest's picture
Ernest S.

Yes, we celebrate Halloween! It's a great excuse to wear costumes and celebrate the Fall season. We usually play spooky music and stock up on candy for our neighborhood trick-or-treaters!

Guest's picture
Susan P.

When my girls were at home, we used to do trick-or-treating and costumes, but now that they are away at college I don't do much Halloween stuff. When we were little, we did homemade costumes and I used to make costumes for my daughters. We never really got into the store bought costumes.

Guest's picture
Mary W

Used to do Halloween for the kids - always with homemade costumes. Now I just want to enjoy the evening at home in peace.

Guest's picture
Arlene Seagraves

Halloween is fun! Dressing up, decorating, and eating way too much candy. What's not to love?

Guest's picture

We celebrate Halloween every year! We dress up and decorate! Very fun for us!

Guest's picture
Rebecca B. A. R.

We've gone to Halloween parties before, dressed up, but we usually don't do anything on our own, except for buying some of the leftover Halloween candy the day after the holiday!

Guest's picture
Dee Dee

Yes indeed, love eating the candy.

Guest's picture
Jennifer Marie

We do celebrate Halloween and go trick or treating

Guest's picture
Sara C

Yes, we do celebrate. We decorate, trick-or-treat with the kids, and watch scary movies

Guest's picture
Lou Ann

After our children were grown we began making hot apple cider, coffee and pumpkin muffins for the parents who were out in the cold with their young children. We began about 11 years ago and now the older kids and adults look forward to it. It is a time to chat with our neighbors and meet the new families in our neighborhood. Of course, we have candy for the kids, as well.

Guest's picture

Although I don't dress up, I always have some candy ready for the trick-or-treaters! I love seeing the creative costumes and how cute everyone looks. I also love the post-Halloween candy sales :)

Guest's picture

Yes, we celebrate Halloween. First comes the costumes, usually we get these at 2nd hand stores or we go through the dress up clothes and find one!

For decorations around the house my kids make them. We use craft supplies we already have to decorate. The night before Halloween we will carve out the pumpkin to put on the front porch on Halloween night. Then the night of, the kids get all dressed up and go trick-o-treating in the neighborhood!

Guest's picture

We love Halloween and celebrate each year by giving out candy to trick-or-treaters, carving pumpkins and roasting the pumpkin seeds. And we dress up the dogs in their costumes, too!

Guest's picture

When the kids were young we would take them out trick-or-treating. Sometimes one of us would stay behind to hand out candy. When the kids hit teen years and were going to parties or dances, we would go to a friend's house for a more adult-aged party, but everyone still brought candy to hand out to the kids going around the neighborhood.

Now that the kids are in their 20s, we celebrate it the way we should be --- as our wedding anniversary!! This year will be 27 years and we're going away for the weekend!

Guest's picture

We celebrate Halloween at work. I love seeing everyone's kids. Gives us reason to party too!

Guest's picture

In a way. We love to dress up, but didn't want to go door to door when our kids were young, so we took them to a senior living facility when they were really small to visit a friend, not knowing that they gave out candy there. It became a tradition for years to go to the facility and my kids made tiny cards that said, 'Thank you, Jesus loves you' and signed their name. People who had relatives in the facility said their family members kept the cards all year long and looked for our kids every year. Now that they're too old, we volunteer at our church's Harvest Festival, running different games, making balloon animals, and having a great time dressing up, (Yep, we all do!) It's fabulous!

Guest's picture

Yes we celebrate Halloween... we don't have any traditions per se but we always enjoy dressing up our daughter and handing out candy.

Guest's picture

I'm trying to throw a small party this year. Out of my friends, I'm the only one who decorates, so makes sense to have it at my apartment. I'm making some halloween treats like a special fall trail mix and some orange hot cocoa. Mostly though, we will watch some Halloween movies, but not super scary ones. If I'm lucky, I'll have some kids show up for trick or treating, but as I live in an apartment, I'm usually lucky to get one knock on my door...

Guest's picture
Wendy Roberson Welch

We celebrate Halloween with lots of horror movies, we decorate up our house and yard, and we also participate in our Church's Trunk or Treat.

Guest's picture
Guest Kelly

I love Halloween. I watch one scary movie and visit a haunted house. A week before the big day I send cookies or cupcakes to my neighbors and family. I dress up and decorate the house. Even when I went on vacation my hubby and I brought a couple decorations for the hotel room.

Guest's picture
Patsey Manning

I don't actually celebrate Halloween anymore. I did when my grown son was young, it is his favorite holiday, so a very big, fun thing for us. I really don't "do" anything now, except be ready to hand out candy if kids stop by trick-or-treating.

Guest's picture

We decorate the house, inside & out for Halloween. When my kids were young I made costumes, or bought something if they preferred, & took them trick-or-treating with a group of neighborhood friends. Loved that! Miss those days... maybe I'll get to do it with grandkids someday~

Guest's picture

I celebrate Halloween with costumes, fun decorations, and baking fall-themed treats. It's also a fun time to hang out with friends and watch scary movies.

Guest's picture
Kymi A.

We celebrate by having Hallejuah night, we invite friends & family over. We crank up the music & celebrate with delish foods, games, prizes, fellowship & making fun memories.

Guest's picture

Halloween is usually pizza, candy, and horror movie night for my family. That's how we celebrate.

Guest's picture
Susan D.

Well, I guess I'm the killjoy here--I've never liked Halloween. I was relieved when I was NOT a little kid anymore and wasn't expected to get dressed up in a stupid costume and have my mom take pictures and then and go around begging for candy. Yecch.

Guest's picture
Laura J

Oh yes, we love taking the kids trick or treating and carving pumpkins! Have to make those pumpkin seeds! YUM
Also so fun going to the pumpkin patch and picking out a pumpkin!

Guest's picture
Susan Smith

Yes, we celebrate Halloween. We like to go trick-or-treating with our children and hand out candy to trick or treaters who come to our house.

Guest's picture

Love Halloween. Decorating this weekend.

Guest's picture

no i don't really celebrate halloween

Guest's picture

Yes - I am planning my costume now and will be at Chipotle for $3 "booritos"!

Guest's picture

Not really. I did as a kid but it's not my favorite holiday. We don't have kids and are really healthy eaters (for health reasons mostly) so even the candy thing doesn't hold much appeal. But kudos to all the kids out there in their trick-or-treating and hopefully we'll figure out something fun to do when our kiddos arrive! ;)

Guest's picture
An G

yes we celebrate every year at a friend's house with a pizza party then we go trick or treating

Guest's picture

Our street attracts hundreds of kids from surrounding towns. To keep up with the expense of providing all that candy, we hold an open house for our friends who live in neighborhoods that don't get many trick or treaters. The price of admission is a big bag of candy.

Guest's picture

I absolutely love Halloween. Since I was a child I have loved carving pumpkins and making decorations to hang. I also love putting together a great costume. I guess I really love all the creativity that is fostered by this holiday. This year I am going to trick-or-treat with my 3 year old niece. Cannot wait!

Guest's picture
Bethany M

We've always felt a philosophic contradiction to celebrating. This year we won't. So much of the participation has become so dark and demonic.

Guest's picture
Tabathia B

We do celebrate. It's one of my daughter's birthday which is celebrated on the weekend. We go trick-or-treating with the kids, watch horror movies that night (adults only) we usually check out freebies at local restaurants or specials that day also

Guest's picture

Our little one dresses up, but we don't go for the scary aspects of Halloween.

Guest's picture

Yes I do. I like dressing up and having pumpkins while I give away candy.

Guest's picture

Yes, I do! It's fun!

Guest's picture

Sure do!