Ask the Readers: Do you Return Gifts? (Chance to Win $10!)

We've all experienced a gift of a sweater that was too small (or worse yet, itchy.)  There are even tales of fine art presents that missed the mark of good taste and ended up hanging in the garage.  Then there are cases of getting two of something, where returning one would only make sense.  What are you gift return policies?

Are you one of those giftees who keep a gift — no matter what — often subjecting it to a life of solitude in the back of a closet or a box in the attic?  Or do you gladly exchange for something you'll love?  Do you save something that's "not your thing" for a future White Elephant gift exchange or the drop-off location at your local Goodwill store?  We want to know what you think is acceptable in the world of gifting. 

 Share your thoughts here in our comment thread or on Twitter, and you'll be entered to win one of two $10 Amazon giveaways. It's just enough to pay for the return postage on a gift returned to Amazon. Dozens of readers have already won. You could be next!

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I rarely return gifts. I only had to return one wedding gift as it was a duplicate of something I already owned. I don't receive many gifts, and those I don't like or can't use I generally donate.

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I never return gifts. I always accept them politely, and then find something else productive to do with them if I don't want them! I frequently regift things that are simply "not me" or that will end up as clutter in my house. Other things (like an unpleasant holiday sweater) I put to new uses, like dusters, pillowcases, or kindling.

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Yeah, I have. It's ok to do, but not if the gift is from your mother. She WILL notice if you never seem to be wearing/using her gift. Lesson learned.

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I frequently return gifts - off our wedding and now baby registries, a bunch of returned gifts that we sort of wanted bought us the big ticket items we really wanted.

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Julie R.

If there is a receipt, then I occasionally return gifts. If no receipt and I can't use it, then I regift or sell it on eBay.

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re-gift, give away, goodwill. Just because it doesn't fit or suit me, doesn't mean some one else won't love it. It is the thought that counts.