Ask the Readers: Do You Spring Clean?

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Over the last few weeks, we have had some articles about spring cleaning here on Wise Bread. Each spring, many people take time to clean up their homes and finances. However, some people would rather just skip spring cleaning and go on with business as usual.

Do you do spring cleaning every spring? Why or why not?

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Guest's picture

I try to get to the windows in our old house every spring. We have 37 with old style storms. Most times I just get to the first and second floors. It's more tolerable in spurts. We do major yardwork spring and fall. Everything else, is tackled year round as weather permits.

Guest's picture

I spring clean all year long! Although I do have to admit that I feel more like cleaning things deeply in the spring, so more gets done then. I love Flylady's system for cleaning and have done that for over a decade. (Not every day, but I do try to keep it in mind!) is awesome for those looking for an easy system to get things decluttered and clean, and then maintain it.

Guest's picture

I spring clean our tiny apartment every May, at the end of the school semester. It takes about 6 hours to thoroughly clean.

Guest's picture

Some. After everything being closed up for five or six months we usually just do curtain, blinds and windows. That usually is sufficient on top of the regular cleaning.

Guest's picture

Inside the house, no. We clean it year round.

I do spring cleaning in the yard while prepping the garden for growing season!

Guest's picture

We don't do a top to bottom cleaning, but there are some things I do every spring, such as a throuough window and blind cleaning on the inside, cleaning the couches and chairs top to bottom, and stuff like that. There's of course the outside cleanup but that's just part of enjoying the spring and summer :)

Guest's picture

I definitely do. There is nothing better than opening all the windows, getting some cross breeze going for some nice fresh air, and making everything spotless. I look forward to doing this keenly, but the weather has simply not been cooperative lately...

Guest's picture

No, I don't "Spring Clean" - I do periodically deep clean portions of the house and clear out clutter at the same time. By spreading it across the entire year, it seems a bit more manageable!!

Guest's picture

I do not spring clean, I just try and keep my house clean most of the time!!... doesn't always work though!

Guest's picture

Yes, I spring's my way of getting rid of winter! When you look outside and see everything green, growing and new, it inspires me to start fresh inside too.

Guest's picture

Yes I always spring clean! It really helps you get to all those places daily life doesn't include time for. I believe spring cleaning is vital to your home. When you don't spring clean buildup occurs,and I'm not just talking baseboard dust!!

Guest's picture

Yes definitely. It helps get past the winter doldrums. It's a time for new beginnings.

Guest's picture

I do! I feel motivated to clean & freshen everything when the weather is gorgeous in the spring. I also do a heavy cleaning in the fall before Thanksgiving, when I'm preparing to decorate for the holidays.

Guest's picture

I dust and rotate the mattress. Does that count as Spring Cleaning?

Guest's picture

I have done spring cleaning once about every 3 years. I should do it yearly, but with small children it is hard. =( Wah, right? =)

Guest's picture

Most of my spring cleaning involves closets. These areas seem to accumulate so much junk every year.

Guest's picture

I suppose that spring does put me in that mood to get a little deeper with my cleaning, but generally we just clean periodically and no one cleaning is that much more significant than the other.

Guest's picture

I spring clean because I can finally open up the doors and windows to let some fresh air in.

Guest's picture

I guess I do. It's not really seasonal, but there are certainly times I go through and sell/get rid of things around this time of year.

Guest's picture

We don't do any specific spring cleaning. But here in the northland, there are lots of transitional chores as we put the snow plow away and get out the deck furniture and convertible.

Guest's picture

Would that I had the energy! I always try to tackle at least a couple of major cleaning tasks during the spring-- this year it's windows and gardening clutter. Wish me luck!

Guest's picture
mark DH

I keep trying to get my dog to do it but he doesnt listen too well.

Guest's picture

Normally I don't do any spring cleaning but I am really thinking about taking it up since my place is starting to get a little crowded with items laying around and it needs to get cleaned.

Guest's picture
kathy w

I spring clean and then I fall clean. When we can start opening our windows I like for them to be clean as well as the doors and baseboards. Then in the fall when we are closing our windows and I like to clean them again so I will be able to look out and see the snow when winter comes.

Guest's picture

We just cleaned out the garage this weekend. I usually spread out spring cleaning over 3-4 weekends so I have the energy to get to everything :)

Guest's picture

I sure do. In fact, I'm just taking a break from it now. I am taking down and washing or putting away winter curtains and drapes and washing all the windows inside and out. That's just today. Whew! I need this break.

Guest's picture
jaimee w

yes- somewhat. I do tons of purging for spring cleaning!

Guest's picture

We do try to spring clean some - primarily to declutter. But lately we have been trying to declutter throughout the year so that the spring cleaning job is not so massive. The key is to not go to too many garage sales and buy other people's clutter. :)

Guest's picture

I do not - I have a cleaning lady every other week and so i don't get a build up of dirty places. clutter is another thing i keep pretty much on top of. my regular seasonal chores are at xmas and easterish when i rotate decor and clothes. as i do that i go thru the stuff in the storage room etc. and take loads to goodwill.

Guest's picture

I used to spring clean, but now with a new baby in the house, I don't think we'll get around to it this year. Might have to be a summer cleaning - before she starts toddling.

Guest's picture

I try my best to keep my house clean throughout the year, but with fresh spring breezes, it is nice to air out the place!

Guest's picture

I spring clean by throwing stuff away. As soon as the weather starts getting nice, I get the urge to rid myself of clutter.

Guest's picture

I do deep cleaning not in the Spring, but whenever I can find a good chunk of time. Having a special time, like Spring, just seems like too much pressure to me.

Guest's picture

I'm trying to spring clean. I am trying to tackle the house one task at a time starting with the things that really bug me. My goal is really have done some good cleaning and and decluttering while it is still spring.

Guest's picture
Guest JoAnn

I just finished cleaning two closets. This past week I rearranged my living room and cleaned behind all the furniture. Whew! Cleaning in spring is a family tradition. Not only that, but after months and months of winter snow and ice, I love to smell all the aromas from Mother Earth as she wakes to a new season.

Guest's picture

We're part way through our first Spring cleaning in a while and we realize it must be done every year. It is hard to believe the amount of stuff accumulated!

Guest's picture

I plan to spring clean but it never really happens beyond rounding up junk for the annual spring yard sale.

Guest's picture
Amy Rouse

Uh, no, wish I could lie and say I do, but I hate housecleaning, so I don't.

Guest's picture

Yes, I spring clean. I don't have the time to do regular cleaning as thoroughly as I would like, but when I do something, I like to take the time to do it right and spring cleaning is no exception. It is a chance to not only clean my home but to refresh every room by de-cluttering and changing out accessories to suit the season. Every drawer and closet is scanned for things with expired dates, items not used anymore, grown out of, you get the picture. These items are then either sold or donated to Goodwill. When I am done the house is lighter and brighter and a more zen place to live.

Guest's picture
Sara G

I clean the house more thoroughly I suppose at the beginning of each season, that way I can put things away from the season before and get ready for the next!

Guest's picture

i usually do but not this year. going to move later this year so might as well leave it until then!

Guest's picture

I don't do a real extensive spring clean. I go through closets and switch out all the winter clothes/gear for spring/summer stuff. I also make piles of stuff to give away to thrift shops, or through other avenues.

Guest's picture

I quarterly clean! With a 3-year-old daughter, a baby boy, a dog, and a sports-loving husband, I have to! I empty closets, clean junk drawers and even alphabetize movies! Somehow, it keeps getting unorganized! Someone around here has to do it.

Guest's picture

I spring clean the yard - cutting brush, trimming, planting, etc.

Guest's picture

No. I don't spring clean. I just clean as I go. Besides I do taxes for AARP and am too busy during spring cleaning time.

Guest's picture
Carson M.

I'm not too much into spring cleaning because I've successfully managed to maintain a very clean household all throughout the year.

Guest's picture
Susan D.

Yes, I spring clean, but it's late this year because I prefer to do it when the weather is dry and warm; right now northwest Oregon is neither! I do it again in the fall. It makes year-round maintenence easier; that's when I find the little things that need repair or replacement.
Besides, it's good to have the house smell so fresh!

Guest's picture

Yes, I usually do a HUGE top to bottom cleaning in the spring as well as in the fall and then try to maintain it in between with smaller cleanings. It's nice to be able to open the windows while thoroughly going over every inch of the house in April or May.

Guest's picture

I definitely do spring cleaning. It is totally a necessity for me to function properly, organizationally and mentally. By moving all the winter items into bins, and folding sweaters, to be placed in the upper shelf on my closet, I give myself more space to bring my spring and summer items onto the hanger rack, and also get to dispose of unwanted clothing.

I also like to clean my PC, backing up my files, cleaning up my desktop, and defragging the harddrive.

My car also gets a good cleaning, on the inside out, the whole car gets vacuumed and washed inside out.

Just some of the things I like to get done.

Guest's picture
Maria S

Yes, but I also clean during other seasons.

Guest's picture

It's a must! I'm a CPA so after April 15 my house needs a good cleaning since it's been neglected for a solid 3 months!

Guest's picture

Definitely. When the sun comes out I can see how dirty everything got during the winter!

Guest's picture

I usually follow my mother's practice of spring cleaning before Easter, and fall cleaning before Thanksgiving. This year I didn't have the energy.

Guest's picture

I clean our house all year long. Although I do spring cleaning in our attic to take out things that have been stored and not used for months or years. I also do spring cleaning in our rooms where I normally find stuff that haven't been used for a long time. Great time for yard sale too!

Guest's picture

I'm gonna have to spring clean, or at least summer clean, because I'm moving out of my apartment at the end of June. Then I'll have at least a year to get the new place dirty.

Guest's picture
kelly smith

i definitely spring clean, i fall clean too. This usually includes giving things that usually get overlooked a really good cleaning, like walls and baseboards and under furniture. This is when i will also shampoo the carpet, it gets mess with 2 large breed dogs 2 indoor cats and a husband who likes to get dirty a lot.

Guest's picture

I most certainly spring clean every year. Throughout the year, piles of unwanted things always pile up in the garage and around the house. If I don't clean out all that stuff at least once a year, my house will be overrun with stuff I don't want or need in no time!
Those first warm days each spring are perfect for spending hours in the garage organizing, sweeping and de-cluttering. And I always feel great when I'm done!

Guest's picture
Lindsay Pond

I mop the floors -- a task which I loathe in the winter...but otherwise, no.

Guest's picture
Deb Lee

Spring cleaning and organizing are regular activities throughout the year for me. A little bit at a time goes a long way and doesn't very long to do. =)

Guest's picture

I spring clean. Learned it from my mother. I love to open up the house fter all the months of closing the windows and give it a good thorough cleaning. And throw stuff away! I love the way it looks when it is done and I feel so much more organized.

Guest's picture

I do a spring cleaning in general, but I do go through my clothes closet once or twice a year. I do this because, inevitably, I find stuff I've rarely worn, stuff that has come back into style, or new ways of wearing old stuff. It's like going shopping in my own home and saves on my clothing bills.

Guest's picture
Christy W

I dunno if I'd call it spring cleaning, but I do try to clean a bit more intentionally.

Guest's picture
Alissa A

I clean if I have time, but usually I don't have time! captainliss40(at)gmail(dot)com

Guest's picture
kristina wittchen


Guest's picture

Spring cleaning is the end result of changing out the winter warm accessories for the springtime colors and textures.

Guest's picture

I spring clean every year because I like to think it is the one time during the year devoted to really paying attention to the little things that may be missed. I like to think it's another holiday to celebrate nourishing our humble abodes and creating an environment worth residing in.