Ask the Readers: Have You Ever Been Audited by the IRS?

By Ashley Jacobs on 18 February 2014 46 comments

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Tax season opened this year on January 31st, and like every year before it, we're all very careful about getting our tax returns right. Right?

Have you ever been audited by the IRS? What did you have to do to set things straight? If you've never received the dreaded audit notice, do you take any extra steps just in case you are audited?

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Mary Happymommy

No, I haven't been audited.

Guest's picture

No, thank goodness!

Guest's picture
Kristine R.

I have never been audited, and I hope I never am! Although I've done nothing wrong and have lots of receipts, it still seems super time-consuming.

Guest's picture
Kaila Pederson

Never been audited and I dont know anyone that has either.

Guest's picture

Never have been audited, hope I never am! :) If you're honest every year, there's no worries.

Guest's picture

Thankfully I have not! My return is pretty simple and I'm not doing anything shady, so hopefully I'll never be at high-risk for an audit!

Guest's picture

No, I always figure I don't make enough money for it to be worth it to the IRS. However, I do believe in keeping good records for tax purposes and I do take advantage of every tax break I qualify for.

Guest's picture

I have never been audited, and I hope I never will!

Guest's picture

No, never. And for that I am truly thankful!

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No, I haven't and hope I will not in the future

Guest's picture

Thankfully I have never been audited. Not that it would matter (other than the time).

Guest's picture

Yes and I hope to never be again. It involved filing a lot of paperwork!

Guest's picture

I have never been audited by the IRS

Guest's picture

Knock on wood, I haven't been audited by the IRS. I fill out my tax returns as accurately and completely as is humanly possible.

Donna Freedman's picture

No, thank goodness! Although I always fear that I will be.
A friend of mine was audited over some of her deductions and ultimately told "no, you can't do that." She appealed -- and the second auditor said "yes you CAN do that" and also pointed out several other deductions my friend could take. Win-win!

Donna Freedman's picture

I'm a fan and I also Tweeted, but the Rafflecopter won't believe me.... :-(

Guest's picture

I have not been audited. I keep records related to each tax filing, and I try to be as honest and accurate as possible.

Guest's picture
Ernest S.

Thankfully no! Though I always make sure that I am low risk before submitting my return on TurboTax. Not that I do anything shady, but I just would hate to deal with it!

Guest's picture
Elizabeth D.

No I have not ever been audited. I always ensure that everything is accurate, and having a degree in accounting, I am curious about those who do.

Guest's picture

I have not been audited. Knock on wood.

Guest's picture
Ashleigh Gunter

I have never been audited and hopefully don't plan to anytime soon or in the future. I owe them $5 (I guess it counts if you don't pay then you get audited..right?). I plan on paying it, have for the last couple of years. My plan is to pay what I owe and on time!

Guest's picture

No, thankfully! I have a pretty simple return.

Guest's picture

No. Have never been audited.

Guest's picture

Knock on wood, I never have. But I've got a great CPA, just in case!

Guest's picture

Sort of. We are relieved to finally be through dealing with them after it, too!

Guest's picture
Steve p


Guest's picture

No, I have never been audited

Guest's picture

I have never been audited. My tax returns aren't that big anyway. When my daughter was in college, we used a service. This year we're back to doing our own. Our finances are pretty simple.

Guest's picture
Brenda Faulkner

No never.

Guest's picture

Not an official audit but I did make some mistakes, another time I forgot to submit proof why the amount was nit taxable (already oaid the tax before)

Guest's picture

I can honestly say that I have never been audited by the IRS. I am so very grateful.

Guest's picture
Laura J

No, I have not. I dont know anyone that has either.

Guest's picture

Nope. And I hope I never am.

Guest's picture

No I've never been audited, thankfully.

Guest's picture

No! It is an irrational fear of mine... everything we do with our money is above board, but since we are self-employed we have an accountant do our taxes just as a precaution.

Guest's picture

yes i've been audited by the IRS. i had to fill out extra paperwork and that was it. but it was intimidating!!

Guest's picture
A Wise Mom

My husband was when we were separated. WHAT A NIGHTMARE!!! Thank Goodness i had been organized and had all the info in folders for him. I was dreading that they would somehow need to audit ME! No problems were noted...everything was fine. Only i spend many restless/sleepless nights worrying over "what if.." NEVER want to go through that again. Can't even imagine what would happen if we hadn't always been honest when fileing taxes!

Guest's picture
Happy Love

No, but my father received a request for additional information once, and he responded with the requested documentation plus when he reexamined his return he decided that he had missed a deduction and refilled resulting in the IRS paying HIM more money.

Guest's picture

No, knock on wood.

Guest's picture

We've never been audited. I've never even worried about it either. I don't think we make enough to have IRS sniffing around us.

Guest's picture

No, and I hope it never happens!

Guest's picture

We haven't ever been audited. Hopefully never will.

Guest's picture

thank heavens, NO, i have never been audited. i hope it stays that way. i don't have much money so i think i'm small fish, the IRS has bigger fish to fry.

Guest's picture
Tabathia B

No I haven't.