Ask the Readers: How Will You Celebrate Father's Day?

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We should show our appreciation for those we love every single day, but Father's Day is the day to do a little extra something for the dads in our lives. This is the day for gifts, fun, and quality time spent with our favorite dads.

How will you celebrate Father's Day this year? Are you planning an event or activities, or will you be giving a gift — or both? What tips and tricks do you have for celebrating Father's Day on a budget?

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Mary Happymommy

We'll be having a barbecue for Father's Day.

Guest's picture

We won't do anything special for Father's Day. We consider Father's and Mother's day to be commercially inspired holidays and we don't give them much notice. The father in our family will spend the day watching golf and baseball. And we will love him on that day, just as on all days. On June 7, we will have a family dinner for our son's birthday. On June 8, we will go professional women's soccer game. On June 11, we will go out to dinner for our anniversary. And on June 20 we will drive to a neighboring town to visit friends. So even without a Father's Day observance, we will have lots of to do together in June.

Guest's picture

We'll have a cookout here with all the dads. I usually give my dad wine because he doesn't want any "things", but he enjoys a glass of red wine every evening, so I know he will like a couple of bottles for his wine rack. I don't know what our girls will be getting for their dad/my husband, but probably something to use in the yard or for camping.

Guest's picture

We'll probably go our for my sweet hubby's ice cream sundae! We don't spend much on Mother's or Father's Day, but we do make sure he has a great ice cream treat. He would much rather save for a family trip later than spend a bunch on him for this "holiday".

Guest's picture
Peg Mooers

cleaning the yard and garden. fun, fun.

Guest's picture
Kristine R.

We are going to spend the day doing what dad loves to do, work outside in the yard :)

Guest's picture

We will have a dinner out on Father's Day

Guest's picture

I do not live in the same city as my Dad and my Father's day will depend on what my wife has planned for us. :-)

Guest's picture
prathee chandar

We don't celebrate father's besides wishing our father. It's mainly because these days are created by businesses to make people buy more. We'd rather make our dad's birthday special by spending time with him and giving him gifts. We'd rather want to visit our parents often and be with them.

Guest's picture

Barbeque at the lake!

Guest's picture

I will make pops a home cooked meal!

Guest's picture

Dads gets a day off. No cooking or cleaning! The family cooks dinner for all the Dads and clean up afterward. Sometimes the dads get together and go shooting or go to a movie.

Guest's picture

I will make my husband breakfast in bed and later we will ride our bikes to the park. I'm not sure yet if any of our daughters or our grandchildren will be able to come or if they will just call.

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I don't celebrate Mother's Day or Father's Day.. never have. I celebrate their birthdays, and my father's happens to fall close to Father's Day, so I guess that works out fine for him... I'm taking him to a movie tonight.

Guest's picture

I'll call my dad, who's many states away, and wish him well. Other than that, I'm sure we'll all enjoy the lovely summer weather and the weekend.

Guest's picture
Margaret Davis

I spend a few minutes in the afternoon calling all the Father's in my life. My Dad passed away two years ago so in his memory I call all my friends with kids, uncles, paternal figures in my life and wish them a happy day and thank them for being Dads.

Guest's picture

We're saving our father's day celebration until my parents come out to visit in July. We'll be treating both mom and dad to a special day of their choice. Sometimes it's fun to gift an experience rather than a "thing."

Guest's picture
Amanda Sakovitz

We are going to the beach

Guest's picture

I don't have a father in my life, but my husband and I will most likely go to the in-laws since his dad loves to grill and we'll do the BBQ thing and at least get him a card if not some small gift. (Probably something golf-related.)

Guest's picture

We'll be barbequing~ of course! ;-) And celebrating with frozen daquiris!

Guest's picture

Nice gifts, cards from the kids/grandkids, breakfast at church, delicious homemade lunch at home after church.

Guest's picture
L. A. R. Koslow

My Da is too far away to see him, but he (and my new father-in-law) will be receiving nice cards in the mail. Father's Day has never been commercial for my family -- only reflective and full of gratitude. That said, schmaltzy cards are a no-no!

Guest's picture
Happy Love

I'll send my grandfather a card with a picture of him holding his new grandson.

Guest's picture

We'll be driving to Tybee Island to spend Father's Day with the hubby and his dad!

Guest's picture

In rememberence and to honor my husband, our boys and I will take a glass bottom boat tour and talk about our favorite things about their dad. We chose this tour because that's where their dad & I got married. (On the boat) After we leave the tour, we eat at his favorite burger joint and look over scrapbooks of all of our trips together and joyful times. We finish up our day by placeing fresh flowers & cards at his grave. It is a really moving and wonderful time that we all look forward too each year.

Guest's picture

Since my father is no longer living, I will celebrate by looking at old mementos and pictures of him.

Guest's picture
Shari C

We grill some burgers, make his favorite dessert and play cornhole with him (his favorite outdoor game). Nice day with dad and doesn't break our budget.

Guest's picture

As just another day... none of our "dads" live in town, so cards will be sent in advance and phone calls made, but just another Sunday at our house. :)

Guest's picture
Betty D.

We're hoping for a nice day at the beach. If the weather isn't great, we'll just have a laid back day at home.

Guest's picture
Karen L.

We'll be hiking...It's my husband's favorite activity and he rarely gets time to do it. I've got all the gear ready to go.

Guest's picture
Tabathia B

We'll we may be taking "dad" out for buffet style eating with the kids and later making the rounds to the granddad's and giving cards made by the kids

Guest's picture
Maria S

Going to visit my Dad & probably eat something yummy for dinner!

Guest's picture

My sister's getting married the day before, and I know my dad is driving people to the airport -- Happy Father's Day to him, huh? I usually go over and make him a meal & spend time with him. I'll also hang out with my husband. :)

Guest's picture

take dad out to eat

Guest's picture

We are going to have a family cookout and go to the zoo

Guest's picture

Both of our dad's have passed on. I will make sure my hubby gets a nice home cooked meal and a baked treat from me unless our daughter's take us out to eat.

Guest's picture

The day before is our anniversary and we're going to a shooting range

Guest's picture
Barbara Montag

This year we're taking our brother out to his favorite restaurant.
Thank you.

Guest's picture
Rebecca B. A. R.

I have a gift for my dad, and I will be calling him to wish him a happy Father's Day, but I will be volunteering at our local no-kill shelter's adoption day, so that hopefully some of the cats and/or dogs get a new forever father and home that day, too!

Guest's picture

The way I usually do by making breakfast for my wife and then taking her out to do something fun for both of us.