Ask the Readers: How Will You Celebrate Mother's Day This Year?

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Mother's Day is coming up! Here's another holiday where we are encouraged to go all out for our loved ones when, usually, some thought and care is all we need. (But, you know, a fancy dinner is OK too if your mom is into that.)

How will you celebrate Mother's Day this year? Will you try to keep it budget-friendly, or do you plan to splurge a little? Moms, what is your idea of the perfect Mother's Day?

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Guest's picture
Julie Wood

I will be celebrating Mother's Day by going out to one of my favorite restaurants with my family! I love this because I do not have to cook.

Guest's picture
Anne M.

A family BBQ for all the Moms...Dads are cooking!

Guest's picture

We'll take mom out to dinner and buy a small gift.

Guest's picture
Liisa R

By sending gifts/cards to my mom and mother-in-law since they live out of state. No kiddos yet of my own.

Guest's picture

I will go out to dinner with my family

Guest's picture

My mom died 12 years ago in May, so Mother's Day is not a good holiday for me.

Guest's picture
Mary Happymommy

I will celebrate my not cooking or washing dishes that day.

Guest's picture
Shari Czerwinski

I will be doing the Tough Mudder Chicago with my husband and daughter on Mother's Day this year and then going out to dinner. Not frugal, but super adventurous!

Guest's picture
Ernest S.

Will probably take Mom out to brunch or dinner. It'll be nice to have the family together to celebrate!

Guest's picture
Mary W

I will celebrate Mothers Day with my family together sharing a meal. We will remember our mothers who have died and those still with us.

Guest's picture
Susan P.

This year for Mother's Day, we will be at Disney World. We will find have brunch at Shades of Green and then head over to Epcot to see the last of the Flower & Garden Exhibits.

Guest's picture

I will celebrate with a big family BBQ.

Guest's picture
Kat Skull

I plan on taking my mom out for brunch!

Guest's picture

I am going to an early dinner with family at a restaurant.

Guest's picture
Amanda Sakovitz

I will celebrate Mother's Day by taking my mom out to dinner

Guest's picture
Sheila K.

I'll be spending the day with my son!

Guest's picture

I live in a different state than mom, so it'll be a card and a phone call. But we'll get together another day.

Guest's picture
Rebecca B. A. R.

I usually give my mom a small gift when I eat dinner with her that week.

Guest's picture
Bethany M

We'll send a nice card and gift card. And of course we'll call those long dist. mamas of ours.

Guest's picture
Jennifer Marie

I will go out to dinner with my family.

Guest's picture
nicole dziedzic

Celebrating Mother's Day with lunch and a Pedicure with my mom.

Guest's picture

With a phone call. I wish I could take my mom out to brunch, but I'm far away. :(

Guest's picture

I will be taking my mother out for brunch - she rarely goes out to eat so it is a treat when she does.

Guest's picture
Susan Smith

My family takes me out to my favorite restaurant for Mother's Day.

Guest's picture

I will celebrate Mother's Day by sending my Mom a bouquet of flowers. And my children are going to clean our screened porch top to bottom so I can enjoy it.

Guest's picture

We will have brunch here at our house with my husband and daughters, my parents, my siblings and their families.

Guest's picture

I'm sending a gift home because I won't be able to be there in person.

Guest's picture

We're going to a local national historic park, going to tour the different areas, then go the area with a zipline, climbing wall, and treetop walk! A day with my family having adventures! It's the best.

Guest's picture

Bought grandma jewelry for my mom and mother-in-law from etsy, and will just hang out at the house and relax

Guest's picture

Low key. Maybe a special dinner or a trip to the park.

Guest's picture

I will spend it quietly with my family.

Guest's picture

We celebrate over dinner with cards and love.

Guest's picture

My anniversary is the 9th, and my daughter's birthday is the 11th, so it really turns into a celebration for her. Busy weekend!

Guest's picture

I'm going to remind my mother about the trip I took her on in April:)

Guest's picture

My mom is far away, so I will just send her a small gift in the mail & call her on Mother's Day.

Guest's picture

I will be spending Mother's Day with my boyfriend's family. They apparently throw a big party - everyone comes over, they cook, hang out by the pool, etc.

Guest's picture
Evie B.

I plan to rest and relax and have a big family dinner.

Guest's picture

I usually send my mom a card or visit her and give her a small gift (chocolates she likes , etc.). I'm a dog mom, so I spend the day with my pups.

Guest's picture
Laura J

We will be going to my mom and dads and celebrate with the whole family. All the kids, grandkids, and great grandkids will be there. Just a special day to celebrate mom BBQ with the family!

Guest's picture
Dee Dee

I will be babysitting my 19 month old grandson who loves his Nana and PopPop.

Guest's picture
mary sampson

We will be going to a beach and then out for fish and chips at the shore..My hubs adores the fish & chips at this one tiny place and we walk the shore and enjoy the lovely weather!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guest's picture
Happy Love

Yes, my family will celebrate this year. I've asked my husband to make me some fresh donuts!

Guest's picture
J. Pario

I need to plan something! Thanks for the reminder!

Guest's picture

Get my mom a gift and make her some tasty food!

Guest's picture
An G

We will be celebrating with our family at a cookout

Guest's picture

I'm going to do what I always do, and take my mom out to lunch. She doesn't go out to eat very often, so she enjoys it!

Guest's picture
Tabathia B

I will probably just have a small cookout and then take some pictures of my kids

Guest's picture
Thomas Murphy

I am taking my mom out to dinner.

Guest's picture
Maggie Smith

Id take my mom out to dinner if I could. Going to be so happy to spend the day day with my boys ages 4&7

Guest's picture
A Fun Mom

My 15 yo son bought a ham, frozen corn, fresh broccoli (with cheese) bakery rolls and a cheesecake and made a scrumptious dinner for me last night for Mother's Day! We had the dinner last night because today,.. we are on a road trip to see my other son in college. Since my older son is taking us all out to eat for Mother's day, my youngest wanted to suprise me with a "homemade dinner"!! How sweet is that!