Ask the Readers: Name Your Favorite Moment of 2010

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We live in interesting times.

While some waited in unemployment lines, others queued up for iPads. Inception boggled our minds while Glee rocked our worlds. Conan found a new home and Chevy joined a Community. BP boiled the sea and NASA redefined the meaning of life.

What is your favorite moment of 2010? It could be any news event or personal moment. Tell us what touched you and made your life memorable this year.

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Selene Montgomery

My favorite moment was in October, being with my husband, my five children, their spouses and my 11 grandchildren. We don't all get together very often.

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That's easy! My favorite moment was 10-2-10...that is when I married my best friend.

It's been a memorable year! New job, started blog, rear ended by drunk driver, car totaled, new car, engaged, married....and those are just the highlights!

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My favorite moment of 2010 was seeing the Austin city limits sign for the first time. My dream of moving to Austin, Texas had finally become a reality

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My favorite moment in 2010 was finding out that my wife was accepted to medical school. She starts in 2011 and we couldn't be happier! I'm really proud of her :)

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Brian Henry

This is an easy one - it was about August 3rd or 4th. My two year old son climbed up on bed and said he wanted to cuddle his brother who was born August 1st.

It was the moment that I knew my boys would love each other as much as they do now that was the happiest moment of the year (even more so than the day he was born, but that was a VERY close second)

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Having my aunt, my cousin and her two girls visit from England in August. She & I are very close in age, as are her two teen girls and my two girls, all of whom keep in touch with Facebook & email. The best part was sitting on the deck, cooking some burgers & such on the grill, and spending time together chatting. Last time I saw them all was 10 years ago when I went there for a family wedding. These visits are few and far between, so they are very special to me!

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My favorite moment was definitely wandering around Washington, DC for the first time after the Rally to Restore Sanity with my significant other. Almost made up for the disappointingly diminutive stature of the White House!

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I'm not sure about my favorite moment, but I think the whole wikileaks ordeal was/is certainly the most encouraging and inspiring.

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I got married this year, which was the best part of my 2010.

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My favorite moment by far of 2010 was finding out I was pregnant on May 30. We had been waiting for years and undergone fertility treatment, and when I saw the very faint pink line, my heart was bursting with joy. I have a feeling my favorite moment of 2011 will be giving birth to our first child.

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After two miscarriages in the past few years, finding out I was pregnant was topped only by feeling the first kicks and realizing that my chances of carrying this baby to term are very good.

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I went skydiving on my 30th birthday!

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I had 2 personal favorite moments this year... 1st when my older son came home from the hospital after surgery, following a terrible car accident and 2nd at my younger son's Senior Soccer Banquet where he was honored as the Team Captain and the coach called him "the Drew Brees" of our soccer team. (Of course we're from the New Orleans area!)

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Jillian L Schweitzer

Getting married, on a budget, and still having an amazing time.

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My favorite part of 2010 was my 9 day trip to Washington DC and Pennsylvania for a family reunion. Seeing family that I haven't seen in a long time and family that I have never seen was a great experience. Lucky for me it was before this whole TSA problem with pat-downs and body scans.

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President manque Obama getting b***h-slapped by the voters

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I'd have to say vacationing with my family.

I had not seen my aunt, uncle, grandmother, and 3 cousins in over 7 years, due to them moving out to Atlanta. In June of this year, we met back up for the first time since, and went up to Cedar Point in Ohio for a week. What a time that was!

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jay w

my fav moment of 2010 was going on an all expense paid 7 day Caribbean cruise with my husband of 10 yrs

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Kristy OT

My favorite moment of 2010 was at Vacation Bible School. We re-enacted the lowering the paralytic through the roof. It was awesome.

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My favorite moment was moving back to Seattle, after many years on the East Coast! Feel very happy to be back.

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Hitting my 5th year cancer free!! Woot!!!!

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My favorite and best moment of 2010 was when my son was officially cured of a severe eye condition that compromised his life - couldn't work or drive or even walk a straight line. He's now fully recovered and live life fully.

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My favorite moment of the year 2010 was celebrating my dad's 60th Birthday in a grand way with all our family friends and relatives. The best thing is that I spent my entire hard earned money for this celebration.I feel very happy thinking of those moments. People still complement us for the great celebration and arrangements.

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By far,the best moment was when I surpassed the first trimester of my current pregnancy reducing the risk of miscarriage significantly. After six miscarriages over the years, making it as far as I now have (5 1/2 months) is such a blessing and 2011 will be the best year yet! Thanks for the giveaway!

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My favorite moment of 2010 was Nov 29...the day my first child was born.

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Spending a week at the beach with some of my best friends from college. I've been thinking about this for five years and this October we finally made it happen.

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My favorite moment was when we had a family reunion

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Finding out my husband would be able to follow his dream of going back to get his master's degree, that his tuition would be paid for in full by the university, he would have a research job at the university hospital and we would have free health insurance. When he called me to let me know this I literally felt a weight being lifted from my chest.

Now if I could only find a job where he is so I can move there and join him. If that happens that will be my second happy moment for the year.

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my favorite moment was when my boyfriend proposed!

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My favorite moment of 2010 was either my first time at the gun range, where I got to try out a Beretta and an SKS, or my first time horseback riding. If I had to pick, I'd pick the gun range! I felt kind of badass cocking a rifle. Plus the horses had to walk in a line since it was my group's first time, and they just seemed a bit sad, having to trod so slowly.

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Maria S.

My favorite part was getting a cat after 20 years of wanting one!

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My favorite moment was when my 17 year old, guitarist son performed a solo, and a very famous and talented musician broke into a huge smile and clapped for him.

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GuestPam McCormick

WOW nothing monumental this year and yet every little thing is a favorite moment for me.Really just the little with my daughter,a txt from my son-in-law,sharing a ride to work with my husband,making dinner together I could go on and on.I love it all! and it all is my favorite moment because you never know!

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2010 was a good year for me! Left a bad job, married my favorite, and found out we're expecting our first child next year!

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My favorite moment was when my daughter graduated High School~

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An awesome point of 2010 for me just happened - I was matched as a bone marrow donor. I went through the procedure and had my bone marrow harvested and then a courier brought it to the recipient. I do not know who he is and I will probably never know. It feels awesome to save a life. Thank you for the opportunity!

Be Well.

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Kristi Pyeatt

My favorite moment of 2010 was when the first Chilean miner came up out of the ground alive and well!

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My favourite moment of 2010 was when I was finally healthy after many months of dealing with a debilitating illness. I'm hoping I can remain healthy in 2011 as well.

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A. Renee

My best moment of 2010 was when I quit teaching elementary school to take a job as a nanny. Every morning when I get a kiss from a precious little boy I think about how blessed I am! After 7 years of constant criticism from parents and administration, I have finally found a job where I am loved and appreciated!!!

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Finding out I was going to be an aunt was my favorite moment of 2010. I am sure meeting my new little nephew will be my favorite moment of 2011!

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My favorite moment of 2010 happened on October 26, when my niece Hayley Ilene was born! Six weeks later, she is still amazing and wonderful and gorgeous!

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Alicia C.

My best moment of 2010 was a personal moment. Every summer, our town holds weekly outdoor concerts at a park. They book a musical group that plays a different genre for each concert (swing, classical, country, etc.) I love the Beatles and, every year around my birthday, they have a tribute band called "Shout!" play Beatles covers. This year, my toddler was big enough to get out of his stroller and run around while the music played. The BEST moment happened when they played my ultimate favorite Beatles tune, "Rain." My little guy stopped dead in his tracks and came to me holding his arms up, saying, "Dance! Dance, Mommy! Pleeeeease?" I actually creid while I held him in my arms, dancing!

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Favorite moment of 2010 was visiting the Statue of Liberty with my niece and nephew for the first time. They were speechless with awe =)

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Mary W

I go to Auburn University so my favorite part of 2010 was having an undefeated football season! War Eagle!

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Jilly's Mom

My best moment happens everyday when my little 1 year old puppy looks at me with the most forlorn eyes waiting patiently while I prepare her homemade food, waiting for me to walk her, play with her and her favorite toy, etc. She has separation anxiety, follows me from room to room, depends upon me for absolutely everything. I adore her. She somehow knows just the right moments to brighten up my days. I talk to her, I play with her, I read to her, I teach her. She is my best friend.

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My favorite moment of 2010 was the Chilean miners' rescue. What a brilliant story of human resilience and excellence! I watched every rescue that my schedule permitted on live webcams, and I cried each time a man was brought up to a new life. I am so glad that, when so many things seem to be going wrong in this world, one thing that mattered went off without a hitch. The story's publicity and international appeal only gave it power and effectiveness. The entire experience was, for me, symbolic, realistic, hopeful, human, and awesome.