Ask the Readers: What Is The Best Gift You've Ever Received?

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It's good form to appreciate every gift that comes our way, but the people who just get you also get (or make) the gifts that you absolutely adore.

What is the best gift you've ever received? Who gave it to you, and what was the occasion — your birthday, a holiday, graduation, just because? Do you still have it or use it?

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Guest's picture

My Kindle. Got it three years ago and I (or my husband) use it every day. It's great to take on the go, for vacation or camping, or just reading at home.

Guest's picture
Mary Happymommy

The best gift I ever received was my son Chris, who was born 9 years ago right before Christmas.

Guest's picture

Several stand out, but this was the best. My husband's mom passed away when he was 18. He and I got engaged when he was a was a poor broke grad student and couldn't afford a ring. His father gave him his mom's engagement ring to give to me during a visit to his home. It fit perfectly. I started crying, and when his dad saw me wearing it he started crying..... I treasure that ring because of what it means to everyone.

Guest's picture

My hubby bought me the Blu-ray of Pride and Prejudice. I had worn out my videotape (literally couldn't watch it because there was no sound and the picture was fuzzy). I LOVE that movie and watch it often. Which reminds me, I may be watching it again soon!!

Guest's picture

My best friend George took me to meet director David Lynch at Amoeba Music in Hollywood. Best. Gift. Ever.

Guest's picture
Jennifer Marie

A day at the spa!!

Guest's picture

One of the best gifts I ever received was a Kindle. At the time I received it, I was living in a very small town that had no bookstore and a ratty, under-funded library. I was also really broke and gasping for books. The Kindle gave me access to tons of free books, and I was able to use the 3G feature to access news, weather and email, allowing me to cut the Internet off at home and save money. It was a lifesaver in that small town and I really needed it!

(More recently, I'd say the best gift I got was a pair of lovely, warm, happy bedroom slippers. They make me smile every time I put them on!)

Guest's picture

My favorite gift was my sewing machine my husband bought me when we were first together. I didn't really want it because then I would have to start sewing- now I love it and I'm so glad he bought it for me (and the one that replaced it last year)

Guest's picture

The best gift I ever received was a bottle of perfume that I didn't even like. It was after the birth of my first child, and everything was all about the baby (which was fine, of course) but one friend of my mom's thought to remember me, the mama. It made such a huge impression on me that I have done this most of the time I give new baby gifts.

Guest's picture

Many years ago, I used to work in a very small office. Even though we had only worked together a few months, my boss noticed that I loved to read books (on my breaks), and bought me a large gift certificate for a local bookstore. To this day, I still consider it one of the most thoughtful gifts I have ever received from anyone; including my family.

Guest's picture

Being I don't like "stuff" the best gift I ever got was a coupon book for free coffees at DunkinDonuts.

Guest's picture
Judy S

I liked a walmart gift card I got.

Guest's picture

The best gift I ever received is my son

Guest's picture
Helen L.

My favorite gift is a Mother's Day gift. It's a coffee tumbler with their pictures. I use it everyday.

Guest's picture
Jessie C.

A handmade dresser from hubby.

Guest's picture

The best gift I ever received was a book of poetry for Christmas which I still enjoy reading.

Guest's picture

My BF bought me the Dyson Ball DC41 last year for the big combined present for Christmas, Birthday, Anniversary & Valentine's Day. It was fantastic! We have a cat that sheds a LOT and it is great to be able to use it every week and really feel like we are fighting the good fight against the cat hair!

Guest's picture
Brenda Faulkner

My mother gave me a vacumn cleaner for my birthday last year and it still runs great. Love it!

Guest's picture

My sister gave me a paper lantern shaped like a dog. It has just enough light for me to write by in the morning. And it always makes me smile to see it.

Guest's picture

I think the best Christmas present I've ever received would be my Kitchenaid mixer. I use it all the time!

Guest's picture
Ernest S.

The best gift that I ever received was a package of massage certificates. It's something that I would buy other people, but could never justify buying for myself. It's a gift that meant a lot to me, and was definitely used and appreciated.

Guest's picture
A Fun Mom

I was born a foodie and was such a foodie before being a foodie was fashionable. My best friends mom saw me sample cheeses in the mall and talk on & on about the flavors. So for Christmas my Best friend came over to my house giving me a 3 foot long box full of cheeses from around the world! I almost swooned from the sheer delight of that thoughtful gift. To this warms my heart & makes me smile at the memory of this.
P.S. I was only in 6th grade when this happened!

Guest's picture
Peg Mooers

the love of my family very year. Now, that' same gift.

Guest's picture

Best gift I ever received was a Clarisonic face brush! Too bad I may need another one soon!

Guest's picture

My all-time favorite is the digital photo frame my boyfriend gave me a few years ago. I can plug in a flash drive full of family photos and see them every day! I keep it on the mantle & we all enjoy looking at photos that would otherwise be sitting in an album.

My 2nd favorite would be my Kindle Fire~ great for reading at home, on the go & while traveling!

Guest's picture

My dog! We adopted him on my birthday four years ago. He's smart, stubborn, cuddly, cute, my baby, and my best friend. We were able to provide a forever home to a dog who needed one, and he has given our family a lot of laughter and love.

Guest's picture

My husband just bought me a kindle and I'm pretty excited about it, even though I resisted the tech for a long time.

Guest's picture

The best gift I ever received was given to me by my dad for graduation, a ticket to tour Spain for 2 weeks. It was the most exciting trip I've taken yet, and encouraged me to travel as much as possible. It also really opened by sheltered 18-year-old eyes. I have many fond memories and love to look at all of the pictures I took. Ole!

Guest's picture
Rebecca B. A. R.

My favorite gift I received from my husband. I was feeling really bad about not getting pregnant yet again (I've never been able to get pregnant), and he gave me a build-a-bear that he had made for me, and told me how much he loved me, no matter what.

Guest's picture

A gokart from my dad. My mom hated it but I used that thing more than any toy or anything else I have ever received. I completely wore it out by the time I was done with it.

Guest's picture

My first trip abroad. That was a wonderful gift.

Guest's picture

My dear husband gave me a Kindle for Christmas two years ago and we don't normally exchange gifts anymore. Together 35 years and just don't really need anything.

Guest's picture

Once on my birthday, my parents showed up in my dorm, they came all the way from our home, which was 2000 miles away.

That was my best gift ever as it was my first birthday away from home and I was missing them so much.

Guest's picture
Heather Mercer

My Kitchenaid mixer. My husband got it free from someone who said it was broken. He fixed it for less than $10 in parts. It's special because it's a wonderful item and my husband fixed it just for me, knowing how much I really wanted one.

Guest's picture
Alissa A

The best gift was a skyline picture from my brother. It was a surprise!

Guest's picture

...eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Guest's picture

The year my daughter was born two weeks before Christmas :)

Guest's picture

A song my husband wrote, played, and recorded for me one year when we were totally broke. One of the perks of marrying a musician, and priceless! :)

Guest's picture

The best gift I ever received was a vacation in lieu of presents. Those memories far outlast whatever stuff we might have gotten instead.

Guest's picture

my kindle. i use it all the time.

Guest's picture

The best gift I received was the fully funded college education from my parents. It allowed me to focus on school and graduate with no debt!

Guest's picture

This might not qualify as a gift but it is something that stands out in my mind. I didn't have my only child until I was 34 y/o. He was probably about two years old when he walked up to me while I was sitting in my chair and gave me a hug. That was the first time he had spontaneously hugged me on his own. Just out of the blue, he toddled over and did it, then toddled off. That was the best feeling!

Guest's picture

The best gift I received would be a kindle HD, for the reason that when I opened the gift, I noticed my wife's eyes light up, so I exited the room and re-rapped the kindle and wrote from Santa to Michele. I do not get to use it that much, but it made my wife happy.

Guest's picture

In terms of material items...a Webster's College Dictionary when I was nine. I wanted to be Laura Ingalls Wilder and Pa gave her a dictionary instead of a beautiful doll. I still have it...I used it through public school, as an undergraduate, as a graduate student and now in my career...words are such a gift!

Guest's picture

Books, mix CDs made just for me, and money. Also last Christmas I got a crossbow!

Guest's picture
prathee chandar

My husband and our son :-)

Guest's picture

A puppy!

Guest's picture

My wife of 47 years just returned home for a couple of weeks after being gone over six months to care for her elderly parents who live two states away. She gets to be with me for two weeks before heading back to help her mom and dad.

Guest's picture
Tabathia B

I would have to say a wallet, because I really needed one and wanted a leather one and received one for christmas

Guest's picture

One of the gifts that I ever received about a year ago from one of my friends that has been happy to hear my feedback was an package of otaku items since I am an anime fan and they do podcasts every week. I do still have the item and just love what it contains for the most part.

Guest's picture
J. Pario

A Scrabble game from my new husband.

When we were dating we had played a game as a team and he played "heebie" instead of the word I'd picked, because "heebie" was cooler. (That's the word I remember, even thought it isn't in the Official Scrabble Players dictionary...) My word was worth 1 point more.

I was FURIOUS! (Hey, I was young. I still sweated the small stuff.) We quarreled, and he said he'd never play on my team for a Scrabble game ever again. When he gave me the game years later, I took it as a sign that he loved me even though I'm an uber-competetive control freak!

Years later, my mom gave me a Scrabble dictionary as a further aid to marital happiness...

Guest's picture

That would probably be my engagement ring - 18 years ago!

Guest's picture

My best gift was a handmade wooden jewelry box my husband gave me for our anniversary while we were dating.

Guest's picture

I have to say my children!