Ask the Readers: What is Your Best Job Hunting Tip?

Job hunting is a difficult and stressful process for many people. There's the job search itself — combing through listings, preparing and sending resumes, and doing interviews — and dealing with day-to-day issues like managing your hours and dealing with a tighter budget.

What is your best job hunting tip? What do you think was most helpful to you when you needed to find a job? What are some of your favorite resources for job seekers?

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Guest's picture

My tip is to stay positive and learn to 'sell' yourself

Guest's picture

My tip is to always be honest about your skills and experience and also be flexible and open to jobs that may not be exactly what you want. Sometimes you don't really know what is a good fit or what you really want until you have it so don't close off opportunities.

Guest's picture
Julie Wood

Be confident and positive when looking for a job, and make sure that you let the Company know that you really want to job. Do not be unsure of yourself because you will not get the job!!

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Network. You'll have an easier time getting a job if you already know people at the company you're applying in. LinkedIn is a good resource to connect with people and find jobs.

Guest's picture
Ernest S.

I think letting your friends and family know that you are looking for a new job helps as they can also check with their networks for opportunities.

Guest's picture

Practice possible interview questions and answers ahead of time.

Guest's picture

Old Coworkers you've enjoyed working with, even at that part-time campus computer lab job.

Guest's picture
Shirley DuBose

My best tip is to always research the company you are applying to, it really helps out if you get the interview.

Guest's picture
J. Pario


Remember that you are also interviewing them.

Treat everyone you encounter courteously, even the supposedly little people like interns and receptionists.

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Let everyone know that you are looking for a job, most people are eager to tell you about job openings in their company or business. That's how I landed the best job I've ever had.

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Here in Portland, Oregon, practically the only way to get a job is to know someone. So my advice is to make sure that every single person you know is aware that you are job-hunting. Have your resume polished & ready to send to anyone at any time. Don't be afraid to ask for a connection - you will have a chance to pay it back later!

Guest's picture

Tell everyone you know you're looking for a job. You never know when someone will have a connection that will help you.

Guest's picture
Mary W

Arrive on time - never be late. Don't fidget during the interview. Turn off the sound before you enter. And don't check your phone!

Guest's picture

Pay attention to the job description - even if you don't have every quality or experience "required," be familiar with what they are looking for so you can highlight what you do have and have answers ready about why you can still excel at what they might think you are lacking in.

Guest's picture

compare entire compensation package not just the salary.

Guest's picture
Susan P.

Learn about the company you are applying to and be polite and straightforward in the interview.

Guest's picture

I think the best way to land a job is word of mouth. Tell everyone you know that you are job hunting. You can get a job before it is advertised.

Guest's picture

Follow up! When I was looking for a job after grad school I sent handmade thank you cards after all my interviews. I think it made a big difference in an email age.

Guest's picture
Bethany M

Clean up your facebook profile. No scanky clothes, hostile posts, or risky behavior pictures.

Guest's picture
Laura J

My job hunting tips would be to first...stay positive! Always research the Employer and job before going to an interview!

Guest's picture

Career centers, like Career One Stop, offer free self-help services. Walk-in, create a resume, and search for jobs from their direct links to legitimate job boards. They also have cork boards with job flyers overlapping one another. I've seen these places help lots of people, including connecting my husband to a few jobs before ultimately landing him his dream CAREER as a Senior Welding Engineer.

Guest's picture

Use your existing contacts to make other connections to job positions.

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Carey at

When searching for a job, friends can be very helpful. Let people know by word of mouth as well as via social media. Often times jobs come available that are not necessarily published on company websites.

Guest's picture

My tip is to start looking for a new job while you still have your old job. If that's not possible, gather all of your connections on Linked-In and let everyone know you"re out there. Who you know can get you the job you want!

Guest's picture

Don't underestimate the power of networking! Many of the friends I know who have recently gotten new jobs, especially jobs outside of their current field, either heard of a job opening or got their foot in the door through a friend or acquaintance. Also, use your free time for activities that will improve your skills in a potential new job (for example fundraising or freelance editing).

Guest's picture
An G

Always send a handwritten note after the interview.

Guest's picture
Michelle D.

Ask around! Ask old co-workers, friends, neighbors and family for any opening or recs.

Guest's picture
Caki Diehl

1. USE EVERYONE in your network-reach out to them (call and email) but do not bug them-know when to leave them alone/walk away
2. Have an emotional support group/person (for me it's my mother)
3. Exercise
4. Do things that make you feel positive (volunteer)
5. Smile (on the phone with a prospective employer or in person)
6. Be yourself and don't take a job just to get out of current situation
7. Stay in the moment and be patient , the right opportunity is around the corner!

Guest's picture
Julie Lundstrom

I have my best luck looking in the paper or going to the unemployment office and looking through their data base. Also job fairs is a good way to get a job.

Guest's picture
Susan Smith

My best job hunting tip is to ask family and friends if the place they work at is hiring.

Guest's picture
Donna D

Tell everyone you can that you are looking for a job. When granted an interview arrive on time, dress appropriately, make eye contact and smile.

Guest's picture

Just keep your eyes peeled for opportunities everywhere you go when job hunting. I sort of stumbled into my current job. And apply for a bunch of different positions. Eventually, someone will hire you!

Guest's picture
Greg P.

I have carefully and consistently built my LinkedIn network. When the time came to switch jobs, I began reaching out to those connections and in no time at all, I had several opportunities merely by their reference. My inspiration came from the book R.I.S.E by Patty Azzarello which is highly recommended!

Guest's picture

Don't be shy about letting others know you're looking for a job. I've seen this happen many times where someone casually mentions they're job-hunting, and before you know it, a new acquaintance of friend of a friend has hooked them up with valuable information or a great connection. And often these opportunities are not those advertised on websites like Craigslist or Simply Hired. So you never know!

Guest's picture

Before your interview (phone or in person) research the position and the company. You may look like a great candidate on paper but you don't want your first impression with the hiring managers to include ignorance of their organization.

Guest's picture
Liisa R

I am probably somewhat unique in that I have never had to "hunt" for a job. I have tended to work for myself for most of my life. In hunting for clients, I have tried advertising at times but word of mouth always seems to work best.

Guest's picture
Kristin Goodson

My tip is to find a job center that can help place you somewhere. Also make sure to volunteer to add that on to your resume.

Guest's picture

Be confident and practice interview questions ahead of time.

Guest's picture

Know your worth and be confident! Never settle.

Guest's picture

Network, network, network. You never know who is looking for someone unless they know you're looking for somewhere to work! Could be a friend of a friend that just mentioned they're looking for someone with your qualifications. Have your resume ready to send, ALWAYS be polite and thankful for their time, and don't be afraid to try something new to land the job you've been looking for! (Hey, someone stood on the street corner with a sign that they had a resume and were looking for a job. It worked!)

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miss Kim

Put yourself out there and talk to and network with as many people as you can.

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Make sure your resume doesn't have misspelled words and that it makes sense!

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My tip is: wear your best clothing appropriate for the job when being interviewed.

Guest's picture

The best advice I can give for jobseekers is to let friends, acquaintances and EVERYONE you come in contact with that you are looking for a job. I was able to secure my last 2 positions from people I knew - not close friends, not even people I would speak with 1x/year - but they were people who respected me and knew I had a good work ethic. The positions I secured weren't advertised, so it definitely pays to let people know you're looking.

Guest's picture

network network network

Guest's picture

Practice interview questions and do something you are passionate about.

Guest's picture
Happy Love

Don't just send out the same generic resume to everyone. Tailor it to each specific job announcement or it will quickly be discarded.

Guest's picture
Rebecca B. A. R.

Follow up on an application in person, be honest about yourself, and try to get your foot in the door through others whom already work at wherever your applying.

Guest's picture

I know everyone says this but network, network, network. The best jobs I've had have been found through my network.

Guest's picture
Lisa Puckett (@luvmykids72)

Stay positive, be honest and follow up, don't wait for them to call you back, show them you really want the job.

Guest's picture

Leverage your network.