Ask the Readers: What Is Your Favorite Springtime Activity?

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The relatively nicer weather of Spring means many of us are out and about, doing all the things that we couldn't while Winter kept us indoors.

What is your favorite springtime activity?

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Guest's picture
Mary Happymommy

Picking strawberries with my kids is my favorite springtime activity.

Guest's picture

Cleaning the yard! I can't wait to get out and rake the leftover leaves, trim back vines & shrubs, and get ready for the garden to bloom!

Guest's picture

My favorite is doing some spring cleaning. It is a lot of work, but it feels so good when it is all done! I save a lot of money too, because I stop buying groceries (except milk, eggs, and veggies) in order to clean out my freezer and cupboards.

Guest's picture
Louly Kristine

I love planting new spring flowers! It's a sign that hey - spring is here and no more cold weather!!

Guest's picture

The first warm spring rain! I love it :)

Guest's picture

I love taking bike rides in central park!

Guest's picture
Wendy Roberson Welch

My favorite Springtime activity is planting new flowers in my yard. Love the colors of spring!

Guest's picture

Our favorite activity is going to the park

Guest's picture
Karen L @love2lovemykids

I like to hike and do spring cleaning

Guest's picture

Going to the park and just lying in the grass!

Guest's picture

Planting herbs is my favorite way to kick off the spring season!

Guest's picture

Reorganizing and cleaning the house, and going for a long walk in the fresh spring air afterwards.

Guest's picture

I would have a picnic in the park and stroll around the park and take some beautiful pictures for memory.

Guest's picture
Martina Rus

I like to walk around the city with friends and enjoy a drink at a rooftop bar with a nice view

Guest's picture

Taking walks and seeing everything "green up" after enduring the barren landscape.

Guest's picture
Elina O

I want to go up to mountainous area with a picnic, a blanket, and books, and spend all day there until it's dark. Several weekends in a row.

Guest's picture
Elina O

Or planting that herb garden I've been dreaming about. And flowers. Just digging in the soul and then watching the little plants pop up. :)

Guest's picture

Taking my dogs to the park. Springtime is the perfect weather for it.

Guest's picture

I love being able to walk everywhere! Now that the weather is nicer and the sun goes down later, I walk to the post office, gym, restaurants, and to do grocery shopping. Saves me a lot on gas just as prices start to rise!

Guest's picture

Wine tasting as the vineyards and cherry trees begin to bloom here in the Okanagan wine valley, BC, Canada.

Guest's picture

Putting on a warm jacket and scarf and driving with the top down, feeling the fresh spring air surround me.

Guest's picture

Reading a library book whilst in a hammock. Perfection!

Guest's picture
Happy Love

Taking walks with my family.

Guest's picture

The day that I head to a local nursery and buy flowers to plant in my front courtyard. Best day of the year! :)

Guest's picture
Jennifer Marie

We like taking walks.

Guest's picture

relaxing in the park with my beau...with a picnic of grapes, cheese, wine, and fresh air

Guest's picture

Hiking, and then coming home to fire up the grill

Guest's picture


Guest's picture

I like gardening, kite flying and picnics

Donna Freedman's picture

Hanging laundry out to dry. It's a pleasure to climb between air-dried sheets.

Guest's picture

Favorite spring time activity would have to be spring cleaning! Yes, boring but very fun to me!

Guest's picture

I love to go hiking - seeing the forest start to turn green and hear/see birds and other wildlife reminds me why Spring is so great!

Guest's picture
Ernest S.

Hiking in the mountains and along the ocean.

Guest's picture
J. Pario

I love spring!

Gardening, long walks with my beloved on warm, breezy evenings, and biking are at the top of my list.

Guest's picture

Planting flowers! I love to see them when I drive up to the house & I enjoy them on my back patio. I also love eating outdoors, on the patio at home or at restaurants with outdoor seating.

Guest's picture

As the snow is melting in spring (in Alaska!), I love looking for moose poop in my front yard. I know moose visit in the winter, because they leave tracks, but I seldom see them. The poop is the proof that they stopped for a while.

Guest's picture

I can't wait to make plans with a girl friend to get pedicures and frozen yogurt, now that the weather is so nice.

Guest's picture

Taking walks and planting our garden.

Guest's picture


Guest's picture
Susan Smith

I enjoy bike riding in the Spring

Guest's picture

KAYAKING!! Walking, hiking, being outside. Anything that has to do with not being inside after a very looonnng winter. We live in a beautiful area, so I can't wait for all the snow to finish melting! (Yes, we still have snow!)

Guest's picture

I try to spend as much time as possible outside! :)

Guest's picture

My favorite Spring hobby is getting some friends together, boiling crawfish and drinking some sweet Abita Strawberry beer!

Guest's picture
Tabathia B

I love taking my kids on picnics and to the park to play

Guest's picture

Taking long walks in the sunshine

Guest's picture
Amanda Sakovitz

I love walking the lake!

Guest's picture
Thomas Murphy

I like to go fishing in the spring.