Ask the Readers: What Is Your Morning Routine?

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Get up, get ready, and go to work — that's the gist of most people's weekday mornings. But what each person does when they get up and ready can vary greatly, and going to work can mean a 20-minute drive or a 20-foot walk down the hall.

What is your morning routine? What steps do you take to make sure you're on time — for whatever, wherever? Is this routine working for you, or do you want to change things up?

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Guest's picture
Jess G.

Every morning, I stumble out of bed, shower, brush my teeth, and get ready for the office (well, after getting dressed). My fiance is usually up and out the door before I am, so there's a pot of coffee waiting for my to-go mug. I grab lunch, pack my laptop, grab my gym bag, and out the door I go.

Guest's picture

I have a routine where I get up at the same time every morning and for simplicity, I tend to have the same breakfast and all of that. It makes sure I'm on time. Although there are times, such as today when my boyfriend is in town and he doesn't like to get up that early, so I made an exception and got up later. Not completely bad, but it definitely makes me feel more frazzled all day

Guest's picture

Big Glass of Water
Cold Shower
100 Breath Meditation
Mobility Warmup

Guest's picture

I have a quick breakfast to save time in the morning

Guest's picture
maria s

I wake up at 7am, get my son ready for school and make sure my daughter is ready to go drop him off! I cannot skip coffee or I am a zombie in the mornings!

Guest's picture

I am not a morning person at all so I try to do as much as I can before bed. I usually just shower, get dressed, eat breakfast, help my family get ready for the day/school and then leave.

Guest's picture
Ernest S.

My morning routine is basically coffee, shower, pack breakfast, and go to work. I can sometimes get behind since I hate getting out of the warm shower, but I try to be as mindful as possible so I don't waste too much time. I think that is key for me to get through the routine as efficiently as possible.

Guest's picture

Wake up, commute, drink coffee, eat breakfast. I'd like to eventually include a workout in the morning.

Guest's picture

I jump out of bed, do my morning brushing teeth, wash face, moisturize routine, then get the kiddos ready for school, pack their lunches, make sure they eat breakfast and drink their milk - then finally I can enjoy my breakfast and coffee! Hubs takes dd1 to school and I take dd2 to school, it helps that we can split it up, so we don't arrive late.

Guest's picture
Tiffany S

6:20a - alarm goes off
6:25a - shower, dress, pack workout clothes for the afternoon, feed the cat
6:50a - take the dog out for a quick potty break
6:55a - make breakfast, coffee & listen to NPR
7:05a - feed the dog, eat breakfast
7:15a - walk the dog
7:45a - pack lunch, do the dishes, tidy up
8a - commence 30min bike ride to work

Guest's picture
Mary Happymommy

I get up, have breakfast, and check emails before the kids are up. Each morning I think I should go exercise instead of getting on the computer, but the computer wins every time.

Guest's picture
Julie Wood

My morning routine is to get up make coffee, and watch the news and get breakfast and then get out the door to work! I do not seem to have a problem, unless I stay up too late the night before. My morning routine is good if I do not stay up to late.

Guest's picture

I wake up two hours or more before I leave the house. I like having my coffee before anyone is up. I have breakfast, get ready, and head to the mall for walking before work. If I miss my walk, my whole day is thrown off.

Guest's picture
nicole dz

My morning routine involves getting the kids ready, make breakfast, and have my coffee.

Guest's picture

Wake up, look at stupid gossip blogs in bed, get up and drink coffee, eat breakfast, wander the house and clean up, do hair and makeup, get dressed, walk to work.

Guest's picture
Jennifer Marie

I pack school lunches and get backpacks ready every morning

Guest's picture

My two dogs, a foxhound and a cocker spaniel, bark me awake at exactly 6 a.m. to let me know they want to go out and then they bark so I hurry up fixing their breakfast. Then I fix my own breakfast, and they both take a nap.

Guest's picture

Lately I've been making pancakes while my husband works out and then showers. Then I get showered and ready and head to work.

Guest's picture

M-F I get up at the same time because of husband's work schedule. (Mine varies.) Routine is get out of bed (the hardest part!), take care of personal grooming tasks, feed dogs and take them outside for their first potty walk of the day, drive husband to work, go to work myself. If I'm lucky I might have a little time for breakfast and caffeine before I have to go to work.

Guest's picture

I try to wake up before my husband so that I have extra time to get ready in the morning.

Guest's picture

Alarm goes off at 6:30 a.m., get up and make a cup of tea (husband puts the kettle on for me before I get up), have a few minutes of conversation with husband before he leaves for work around 6:45 or so, then sit at my desk and check calendar and email. Breakfast, shower, get dressed, and back at desk and working by 8:00 a.m.

Guest's picture

Get up at 5:30, make coffee...lounge about. Wake child at 6:00, make her lunch, do chores and cleaning get ready for work, leave house at 6:55 for ride to school. Arrive at work 30 mins

Guest's picture

Glass of water
Cup of hot tea while checking email
Quick shower and dress
Note: I work at home

Guest's picture

I have a routine that works for me but I do know I could really tighten it up. I waste too much time on the computer in the morning!! On weekdays: up at 6:30, make lunch for my daughter, eat breakfast with my husband and see them off to school/work. I then check my email/pay bills/read news, exercise, shower and get myself off to work or errands.

Guest's picture

Honestly? I hit the snooze like 6 times and fall out of bed hoping I have enough time to brush my hair properly before I head to work. LOL. I always try to get up earlier but never do...

Guest's picture

Get up, make tea, work at the computer, get kids started on their day, make a list of what I need to do. Get working!

Guest's picture

More often than not, the shape of my morning is defined by how late I stayed up the night before.

Was I up until the wee hours of the morning, staring at a computer screen and willing myself to stay awake long enough to finish a project, save it and hit the send button so a client had it in his or her hands upon arrival at their office? Well, then, my morning is generally off to a late start, with a mad dash to get myself showered and dressed, coffee made, the dog walked only a brief distance, my to-do list organized and myself at my desk between 8:30 and 9:00 am to begin a long day. I know what you are thinking—and it is true, my productivity goes downhill from there. By quitting time, not nearly enough has been crossed off my to-do list.

But on the mornings I arise well rested, I am up early without an alarm clock, make coffee, read the news and chat with my husband. This is a great time to call one of our children before they head out to start their own day. Then I deal with my morning toilette, wake up the dog and we go for a very long walk, enjoy the outdoors, and come home invigorated. The dog gets some additional playtime with me, and then she gets down to her nap and I get down to work. With a morning like this, I often marvel at how much I have accomplished by day end.

Guest's picture

Every morning I awaken at the sound of the alarm and lay in bed until it's approx. 45 minutes before I have to leave. The basic grooming and makeup and looking for something to wear, which runs me 5-6 minutes later than needed. Then speed race to work. I am a work in progress.

Guest's picture

I am also not a morning person and am trying to improve my morning routine....ideally I get up, drink some water, make my coffee, read some of the paper or other articles as I eat some breakfast, get dressed and then check email and get into my day. I am a freelancer so I generally an working from home, which cuts out a commute. I am working on getting up and doing some yoga to help jump start my mornings.

Guest's picture

When I wake up, I like to go for a walk, then maybe do a little bit of calisthenics or yoga. Then breakfast, tea, and a quick shower. I like to pack my lunch the night before so I don't have to worry about it in the morning.

Guest's picture
Karen L. @love2lovemykids

Shower, coffee, coffee, watch news with coffee...then start my day

Guest's picture

I'm up at 5:45: I start with grooming and dressing; prepare breakfast/coffee; pack lunch. If my son is up I spend about 5-10 minutes talking to him/attending to anything he needs. I'm out the door by 6:30. I have an hour commute, so I spend the time eating my breakfast, praying, and listening to the radio.

Guest's picture
Laura J

My mornings are getting him to preschool on time! I always wake us up early, so we do not have to rush. Like to relax in the mornings as we get ready and eat breakfast! Then, out the door to look for garbage trucks on the way to preschool singing songs along the way! :)

Donna Freedman's picture

Lately, it's been sitting in front of the Seasonal Affective Disorder lamp with a bowl of oatmeal and the newspaper. Cleaning up the breakfast area, some stretches and I reluctantly go to work (self-employed writer).
I'm not a morning person, particularly. My partner is, but he doesn't rub it in.

Guest's picture

Shower, vitamin c and allergy med, grab coffee, and out the door for a 1 to 1.5 hour long commute.

Guest's picture
Dee Dee

Get up, brush teeth, wash face, put on makeup and fix hair. Go downstairs to eat breakfast and drink my tea, pack my lunch and out the door.

Guest's picture
Alissa A

I quickly get ready, grab my english muffin, and do my make-up in the car (while stopped of course!).

Guest's picture
Susan Smith

I jump out of bed, brush teeth, wash face, put on makeup, hair, get dressed, make bed get daughter up, make breakfast for both of us, take dogs out, make school lunch, eat breakfast and then I take my daughter to school.

Guest's picture

I set two alarms 20 minutes apart, crawl out of bed, put the kettle on for tea, read the paper, clean up and head out.

Guest's picture
Debra K

I factor in my kid to give myself extra time in hopes that I've factored in enough time to get somewhere in time. I also factor in time to hit the snooze button 3 times. I get up, shower, get dressed, put on makeup, grab a bite to eat, browse Facebook a bit, and head out the door.

Guest's picture

0500 Wake up
0505 Bathroom
0510 Throw on something to walk the dog
0530 Back from walking the dog
0545 Shower/ Shave
0600 Get dressed for the gym, make bed.
0610 Gather items needed for the day
0620 Out the door
0645 Hour work out at gym
0800 Another shower at work
0830 At my desk

Guest's picture

1.Wash face with cold water
2.Take 2 warm glasses of water with some drops of lemon essential oil in them
3. 15-minute yoga wake up my body
4. Do my bed
5. Write a to-do list for the day
6. Eat supplements and breakfast (toast with peanut butter, fruit, ground cinnamon, and ginger) with coffee, while listening to NPR
8. Leave for work.

Guest's picture

Open curtains throughout house, check email/weather/Facebook, make tea and grab breakfast, read/pray for a bit, thaw something for dinner, shower/get dressed and get going with my day.

Guest's picture
Happy Love

First I poke my husband when his alarm goes off and usually again for two snooze buttons. Then I get our toddler ready for daycare while my husband takes care of the critters and gets dressed. They leave and I log into the computer and start by checking for emails from my students (I teach mostly online classes). Then after my husband calls to tell me that our son is safe at daycare, I go back to bed for a couple more hours. (That compensates for dealing with middle of the night wake-up duty.)

Guest's picture

my morning routine is making breakfast eat in the car then rushing out the door to sit in traffic

Guest's picture

I wake up, read my emails on my phone, read Reddit and then start my day by walking my dog. The walk wakes me up more than coffee does (almost). Then I shower, get ready and make my lunch. Nowadays I try to have a glass of water before my coffee, I think that helps me wake me up more as well.

Guest's picture
An G

I get up have a cup of coffee and head to the gym for an hour. Come back eat breakfast and get the kids ready for school and drive them.

Guest's picture
Rebecca B. A. R.

I get up to my phone alarm, feed all the cats, shower, dry off, brush hair, shave, put on deodorant, put on face lotion and leg lotion, put on clothes, put on minimal makeup (powder and tinted lip balm), put on socks and shoes, take medicine, eat breakfast, feed dogs, and head out the door with my purse and coat. It all takes around 45 minutes.

Guest's picture
Rebecca B. A. R.

Forgot to say that I brush my teeth, too!

Guest's picture

Mornings are a bit of a daze for me. I try to do as much planning/preparing the night before, such as showering, picking out my clothes, and packing my lunch. In the morning I try to stretch for a few minutes, pray, brush my teeth, make a pot of oatmeal and grab my green smoothie (my husband makes it the night before) and my lunch. I'm usually out the door in 20-30 minutes.

Guest's picture
Amanda Sakovitz

I just stick to the same routine everyday. From that I know what possible to accomplish in a day.

Guest's picture

Oil pull, Makeup, Brush Teeth, Put Clothes On, Leave.

Guest's picture
Tabathia B

turn on the heat, freeze juice boxes for lunches, take shower, get kids up and check my email while the oldest are in the bathroom

Guest's picture
Thomas Murphy

The first thing I do in the morning is have coffee then take a shower

Guest's picture
steve weber

I take a nice hot shower, brush my teeth, put in my contacts, get dressed and Im out the door