Ask the Readers: What Money Advice are You Sick Of? (Chance to Win $20!)

In a recent weekly Tweetchat that Wise Bread participated in, we asked some readers what financial advice was getting old. The responses were varied, but the themes were the same: "Quit telling me to cut out my daily latte! I don't even drink latte!" Basically, people are feeling the strain of the economy, but are still getting one-size-fits-all answers to help them stay within budget.

Do you feel the same way? Or do you find this to be good advice for you, personally? Maybe there is some other bit of advice that you've heard here or on other blogs that you're just sick and tired of hearing. Share with us the personal finance tip that you are tired of hearing for a chance to win a $20 Amazon GC!

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Good Luck!

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Yes I paid off dept. Get a part time job, coupons, plan your meals around weekly sales. coupons, Turn down, turn off, use less. yada yada yada I even work for free in hope of landing a job. I was even told at a job that I worked to well and thats Not what I was told to do. oh did I mention coupons, 101 ways to cook chicken. Aarrrggg

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I'm 100% against all "money saving" tips out there!

In the past I have been able to save money using all of the tips and pay off my debt, as a matter of fact I've done it twice, and here I am right where I was 4 years ago, except this time it feels almost impossible to get around it, why?

Because the entire country is in a different place today, companies all around are focused on cutting the little guy's jobs (<30K per year) instead of getting rid of costly executive positions, in addition they're also cutting benefits, hours etc. Which means that if you have not been laid off you're putting in more hours every week in the effort of keeping your job.

So I would like to propose that instead of saving money we start finding ways to MAKE MONEY, since it's mathematically impossible to save something you don't have in the first place.

I know that's SCARY especially for those of us who don't have "entrepreneur" qualities, but I'll tell you that it's FRIGHTENING going to work everyday, giving 100% for no guarantees at all, having no idea if you'll be there next month or even next week.

I'do rather give 100% for something that's mine (and be broke temporarily), than give 100% for somebody else's profit (and be broke indefinitely).

I'do rather bet on myself than on others period!

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peaceful heart

For saving money I am sick of being told to get a bicycle and take public transportation. This isn't because it's bad advice. However, I live in a small rural town 30 min from everywhere (including work). Where is the advice for people who CAN'T take public transportation?

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Dee Dee

Cut your cell phone bill, I spend $100.00 a year just to have one because I drive 60 miles round trip to work each day. I don't think I can get a cell phone service for a year much cheaper and at 10 cents a minutes I have more than enough minutes to use.

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curry crawford

I'm sick of money advice about not spending at all,Save but still live a little,just stay disiplend knowing you are in control of your spending!