Ask the Readers: What Money Animal Are You? (Chance to win $20!)

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  • Alicia - OK, let's see if this analogy works: I am like a leopard. I work hard and fast to get the money, then I may play with it a little, splurging on a few things - better-than-usual shampoo, maybe order a pizza instead of making it myself, etc. Then, I slowly pick away at the rest - paying bills, buying what my family needs, saving some for later...
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  • @baikdahae - An ant.  Work hard to gather and make big! (Via Twitter)

When I think of money personalities, I often think of animals. I have a friend who is a slow and steady saver, but doesn't get overly excited about any particular investing opportunity. (He would be a turtle.) I am more of a squirrel. I like to store up cash, but be quick about making decisions, and often get paranoid about being prepared for dry spells.

Do you have a resemblance to an animal with your money habits? If so, which one are you? And why?

We want to know what animal you are most like. Do you "squirrel" money away? Are you wasteful like an (insert wasteful animal parallel here)? Let us know what creature you are like (or aspire to be) in order to be entered to win one of three $20 Amazon gift cards!

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Good Luck!

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jamie g

I think I'm a camel. I store up money and then use it sparingly. (It just sounded more original than the squirrel.) Good luck everyone!

Jamie G

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Wolverine - Overall relentless pursuit of money; willing to scavenge carcasses (i.e. BP corporate bonds); will dumpster dive (college kids throw out all kinds of usable items!) in order to re-purpose or donate items that can feed me or society; also able to kill for my own food by working hard and seeking continued advancement in my career.

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I am a hamster I like to save money whenever I can so I often wait for sales, use coupons and buy out of season

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Cindy Moore

I am a sparrow when it comes to money. I use most of it to build my "nest" with not much left over for anything else.

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I'm a groundhog. 'Cause I'm always digging myself into a hole. :-(

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I used to be like a Monkey who flings his poo all over, I would just fling my money at whatever I wanted at the time. Now I am more like a hamster who who stores his food in his mouth; I store my money in the bank saving it for when I really need it.

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Gina F.

As in the fable, "The Ant and the Grasshopper;" I once was like the grasshopper and spent my days spending my time/money frivolously. Today, I save for the "cold winters." I try very hard now, to NOT just waste or throw my money away.

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I'm a magpie, happily storing up shiny treasures in my nest.

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Jill H.

I'm a Lion...I can be quiet and save and/or be fierce and spend on something that I want or need.

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I think I'm like a dog. I'm all about hunting down the best deals and being loyal to my money saving plans but when someone I love needs or wants something from me I cease to be the focused hunter and suddenly turn back into a puppy that just wants to make everybody happy.

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I would say that I'm a weimaraner (admittedly, I'm a little biased). My dog, Lola, takes such joy in the little things—the small stick at the side of the road, the mesmerizing bounce of a rubber ball—but nothing gives her more pleasure than the long run (seriously, 20+ miles). I have a lot of fun with the day to day stuff and I don't deny myself those pleasures, but I get the most pleasure knowing that I'm in it for the long-haul and planning my finances accordingly.

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I'm much like a snake. I shed off debt regularly so that my finances are always bright and shiny. When things get cold I slow down and make sure not to outpace the world. And when opportunity presents itself, I make snap decisions and strike quickly to try and take advantage of them.

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I guess I would favor the squirrel comment. I tend to scurry here and there stockpiling what I think I will need to survive an economic winter.


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I'd be a bird. I save up to fly south for the winter.

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Steven P

I would say a turtle. Slow and steady, never get too excited about being too up or too down.

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I am definitely a squirrel. Wish I had much more money to squirrel away though.

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I'd say I'm like an sea otter. I'll dive down and get some grub when needed and get "cracking" (heh heh), but like to have fun when the waves are good! Life's too short to keep running with your head down!

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I'd be a kangaroo, pocketing the monies for our little baby :-)

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Mel S

I would say I'm like an owl, because I read a lot about money from many sources (makes me think of how scholary an owl might be) and excute at night when I have free time (owls are night creatures).

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very interesting concept! i guess i am a cow? i like to have different money pots to go to.

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I'm a lion. I spend most of my time sleeping (not spending), but every now and then I have a burst of big spending, usually involving buying the best in the world of something I happen to need. Strong believer in quality over quantity!

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Maybe a camel? I store up and save just in case there are dry spells.

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I would say a mouse - even though I make financial mistakes here and there, I narrowly miss those mousetraps and come out ahead.

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Michelle M.

I am like a money cow - before I spend on anything significant I will chew and chew and chew and then chew some more. Then, after I've decided to spend, I may go back and chew on it some more. It is a tiresome process and I talk myself out of many purchases, which helps me save money.

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I am a dog who loves to learn all kinds of tricks.

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Ernest S.

Right now, I feel like an ant --working everyday, doing some heavy lifting (relative to my body weight), and slowly building my nest (or savings). However, I aspire to eventually be a camel, with enough saved up to help me through uncertain times.

Guest's picture

Haha, maybe a vulture? Opportunistic, efficient, not wasteful.

Guest's picture

More like a bear, since I am in hibernation mode, avoiding shopping malls and other temptations while paying off credit card debt.

Guest's picture

I am a financial bumblebee. I do a lot of good with my planning and budgeting and saving and my household couldn't function without me...but I am always buzzing around and easily distracted!

Guest's picture

Sadly enough, I am a snail. My movement with money is way too slow to make much significant progress (but at least I am still moving!).

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I'm like an armadillo! I have a tough shell when I want to. No one is going to sell me anything unless I can buy it with a coupon! I can last a long time in there!

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I am like a mouse. I like to store stuff but am very forgetful of what I am doing and often lose track of myself.

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I'm a financial cat: stealthily, sneakily trying to make and save more money and coming up with unique, resourceful ways of doing so. And even while I'm napping (which is often!) I'm still using that time to dream up more clever means of being frugal. Somehow I always manage to land on my feet.

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Minimalist Koala

I'm like a koala. I sit in my tree, and I eat my eucalyptus, and there really isn't any need for anything else. My savings come naturally, since I just don't have the desire to buy a million things. :)

Guest's picture

I am definitely a squirrel, hoarding money away, and wanting to keep it all to myself. I'd like to think of it like a squirrel saving for the long winter, and I get greedy and always worry that there won't be enough.

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I am a kangaroo. Bouncing from blog to blog, tucking away valuable insights in my pouch...hoping those insights will grow into something special one day as I apply what I learn.

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I save like a little mother bird. I fly around frantically collecting twigs to build a large bird's nest to protect my future (retirement and children). The bigger the nest, the better and safer.

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I'm a dog - running around chasing my tail.

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OK, let's see if this analogy works:
I am like a leopard. I work hard and fast to get the money, then I may play with it a little, splurging on a few things - better-than-usual shampoo, maybe order a pizza instead of making it myself, etc. Then, I slowly pick away at the rest - paying bills, buying what my family needs, saving some for later...

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Laura Carey

Love Ken's ground hog comparison...but have to go with the dog. I can hunt up a bargain and hate to spend more than needed...but man when I find something I like watch ouT!

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tiger beat

An Elephant...
Sometimes I make a lot of noise about it,
Sometimes I run away from it,
Sometimes I just stand there and stare at it,
And sometimes I just throw it over my shoulder.
It took me a while and I lost a tusk along the way, but now I'm bigger than it

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I see myself as a squirrel. I hide my nuts in different places, forget about them, and run around digging them up when I need them. The ones that remain become big trees that end up helping alot of other squirrels.

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Thank you so much!