Ask the Readers: What One Frugal Holiday Gift Would You Enjoy? (Chance to Win!)

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  • Comment from Marie - I would love a pretty 2011 calendar! It would brighten up my office and be practical, too!
  • Tweet from @semerp  -  Tweeting to try to win a $20 giftcard so I can buy myself a frugal gift like rechargeable batteries! Woooo! 
  • Kara Smith

It's just a matter of time before the big toy catalogs come to my home, where my children will spend precious hours peering through the pages, carefully considering which toys are their favorite, and letting me know about them at every opportunity. As adults, we often put aside this "gift planning" in lieu of reality -- times are tough, and we usually put our own wants and desires on the backburner. While this aspect of being responsible (and charitable) should not be diminished, it's also not a bad idea to have some frugal gift ideas in mind -- you know -- in case someone asks?

What is one frugal gift that you would really appreciate this year? I could really use a potato peeler that actually peels (and works just as well for my left-handed daughter as it does for myself). Do you have a gift need that comes in well under the $20 mark?

If you share your answer, you'll be entered to win a $20 Amazon Gift Card! (And yes, that means that if you win, you can buy your own gift if necessary.)

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My mother used to make all of those for the holidays! She's been gone for years, but just thinking about her divinity - which no one even remembers anymore - reminds me of her. Thanks!

Guest's picture

Gift cards are always my favorite, because then I can spend them on the things I know I need. Here recently, for my birthday, I received an assortment of soaps and lotions. I love those kinds of gifts too because then I don't have to buy my own!

Guest's picture
Diann R.

10,001 Ways to Live Large on a Small Budget. A book by the writers of Wise Bread.

Guest's picture

I'd really like a new indoor drying rack for my laundry. The one I own was bought at a yard sale years ago. The wooden dowels will no longer stay in, and I've repaired it numerous times.

Guest's picture

I would love for someone to either make or show me how to make these knitted scrubbies my great-aunt would make. They far exceed any sponge or commerical scrubber on the market

Guest's picture

I want some salt and pepper shakers. Just the plain jane, $1 each kind. That's about as frugal as you can get, right? :)

Guest's picture
April Taylor

A candle lighter! Mine keep coming up missing!

Guest's picture

I would love a pretty 2011 calendar! It would brighten up my office and be practical, too!

Guest's picture
Granny Cynth

I would like a CD with the sounds of birds and waterfalls

Guest's picture

I need a new pair of slippers - great for the cold winters in Iowa!

Guest's picture
Anna Moss

A USB flash disk! My latest is getting glitchy...

Guest's picture
Frank Morris

a nice wooden hairbrush

Guest's picture

I'd Love to have gift cards they really help when I'm in a bind or want a special break! :)

Guest's picture

Haha, I've asked for new undies. Also a couple of cookbooks (from thebookdepository or second-hand, they're well under $20).

Guest's picture

You know, when I was a kid one of the gifts I dreaded most was socks. Now, as an adult (and an adult who has some VERY old and now becoming threadbare socks), I would greatly appreciate some. Funny how life works!

Guest's picture

I want to go dancing - swing dance lessons at local clubs are only between five and fifteen dollars, and sometimes are even offered free (including a post-lesson social dance hour)!

Guest's picture

I'd so appreciate a knitter to give me free lessons, a skein of yarn, and a pair of knitting needles. I already quilt and crochet but never grasped knitting. I'd love another craft skill!

Guest's picture

My brother works in composition and printing, would love if he would do a family photo album from his picture collection.

I would love this not only for myself, but for my siblings and mother, whom I am sure would enjoy it very much.

Guest's picture

I need an expandable coupon holder with dividers - saw one at CVS & hope I get it!

Around holidays you have much more coupons and offers to tote around to not miss a chance to save money.

Thank you...

Guest's picture

Someone to teach me how to plant a vegetable garden that will actually grow and produce food.

Guest's picture

Lottery Tickets! They are cheap and fun!

Guest's picture

My daughter wants a blow drier. I've pretty much been a wash and wear gal since the kids so we haven't had one in the house. My neighbor was kind enough to provide a flat iron so hairdryer is on her Christmas wish list.


Guest's picture

A 2011 Entertainment Coupon Book gets my vote

Guest's picture

I've been putting off buying a new muffin tin and an apple corer for longer than I like to admit.

Guest's picture

I would love some big thick slipper socks! We're trying to save money by keeping the thermostat set lower and my feet are COLD! :)

Guest's picture
Betty D

I wanted a coupon oraganizer ($4 on Amazon), but I couldn't keep stuffing coupons into a 15 year old broken pencil case, so I bought it for myself. Now the only thing I need to replace is my crock pot. I've been hunting down sales so I can tell my family when to pounce!