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Maybe you've been with the Wise Bread community for a long time. Or perhaps, you've just discovered us! Either way, we're glad you're here, and we want to know what we're doing right. This week, we're asking what your favorite article on Wise Bread has been. Maybe you can't pick just one, or perhaps there's nothing in particular that strikes your fancy. Either way, let us know which posts are up your alley, or what you'd LIKE to see here on Wise Bread. If you share your feedback, you'll be entered to win!

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Guest's picture

I can't say that any one article leaps to mind as my favorite, but I can say that Wise Bread is the blog I check first when I start my computer "stuff" for the day.

I would like to see more links to other sites on your home page--I know you'll choose good ones!

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I really appreciate your frugal gluten-free living articles. A close friend of mine is gluten intolerant and my fiance and I have recently begun playing D&D at her house; she graciously makes dinner for us and I bring dessert. It's my constant battle to find great gluten-free recipes to make every two weeks, and I love sharing what I find with her! Thank you so much for your help - it's really not easy being gluten-free.

Guest's picture

I love all the frugal living articles. This article stands out as far as the deals & steals go...

Guest's picture

I read the Best Deals daily.

Guest's picture

It's an older one, but I really like Paul Michael's article on improving gas mileage. I posted about it on my personal blog:

Guest's picture

I have enjoyed and benefitted the most from this one thus far:

Guest's picture

I read the Best Deals daily.

Guest's picture

The article with 28 ideas for how to get laid off was laugh-out-loud funny. Terrific writing.

Guest's picture

I enjoy reading articles about how to maximize tax deferred contributions such as 401K's, HSA's, etc.

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Kristy T

I have more favorite types than favorite articles. (I have something like 100 WB articles starred in my google reader!) My favorites are the giveaways, the recipes/cocktail/food ideas, and the ways to make a little extra money.

Guest's picture

The Fallacy of Homeownership as a Sound Investment was memorable.
If owning your own house was the key to wealth, why is it that the poorest parts of America have the highest percentage of homeowners, while the richest parts of America have the highest percentage of renters?

Guest's picture

Frankly, one of the mot useful articles I have read on this site appeared the other day---7 ways to use up subpar produce. I never thought of drying. And even the comments to the article came in handy, especially the one about why to NOT use over-ripe fruit for jams and jellies.

In fact, I generally like the food shopping and cooking articles the best---meaning, the most useful to my life.

Thanks for this contest.

Guest's picture

I enjoy any post that has little bits of useful information on how to improve what I already do. Weather it be stretching a dollar or reusing items for other uses I would have never thought of otherwise. I also love reading the comments from other readers on pretty much all the articles because they bring more even more perspectives to the subject.

Guest's picture

Myscha Theriault's blog entitled "Ice Cube Trays: Your Passport to Huge Savings" is a classic and one of my favorites. I have taken her advice to freeze leftover coffee in ice cube trays to cool my iced coffee. A simple, but delicious way to use up the rest of the day's coffee.

Guest's picture

I almost always like Philip Brewer's posts the best. Not only does he write about the practical matters of finance, but he also writes about the Zen side of frugality, simple living, and finding meaning.

Guest's picture

I've had a bunch of favorites. Here are just a few I've bookmarked:

-- Protecting Yourself from Medical Billing Mistakes
-- Can you Buy Your Way Out of the Rat Race?
-- Bioavailability: How to Get More Nutrients from Your Food
-- Knowing When to Walk Away: Financial Planning for an Unknown Ending
-- 10 Myths About Employee Incentive Programs

Guest's picture

My favorite article is 8 Financial Considerations of Ecommerce because I am considering using e-commerce and it gave me additional insight that I had not previously considered.

Guest's picture

No way I could pick just one! I love the Frugal Living Posts. I love all of the Wise Bread followers, although I sometimes find that Linsey Knerl has posts that might be more applicable to my life. The most recent one about using sub-par produce was super helpful!

Guest's picture

Perimeter shopping at Target. I have passed along this article to family and friends. I shop at Target all the time and the tips in this article were right on!

Guest's picture

Philip Brewer writes very enjoyable articles, and that is what keeps me coming back to this site.

Guest's picture

6 Slick Tools to Save Money on Car Repairs. I like the article on Target perimeter shopping as well. That was the first article that introduced me to Wisebread.

Guest's picture
Emily Hewitt

We are new to frugal living. I am learning more and more about using coupons to save money. Your website had an answer for my question, "What are Catalina's?"

Guest's picture

As a big proponent of the fact that anyone can be a philanthropist regardless of income, I really enjoyed the articles around the holidays about how to be charitable (and the importance of it) even if you are trying to save money. Giving Back to Those Not Necessarily on Your Christmas List was a good one that springs to mind.

Guest's picture

I love em all, but you have one of the best "roundups" out there.

Great stuff-esp. the articles that are not necessarily directly PF-related

Guest's picture

I subscribe to this post and all of the articles in one of form have changed my mind set regarding money and how i deal with my single parent household.

Guest's picture

hard to think of a favorite, but I do read your newsletter every day -- I guess I like your roundup of five deals you post - it's very succinct and there's always at least one thing I didn't know about.

Guest's picture

Every contributor to Wisebread brings something special to the whole. (You can't see it, but I'm smiling as I think of each of you individually.) Your varied perspectives encourage me to continue thinking outside the box. Tackling our needs within our means. And every writer lives what they write. Thank you all.

I'm hard pressed to choose one article, however Philip Brewer's offhanded mention of "Possum Living" got me to read the book online, then get it through interlibrary loan, and finally ask for it this Christmas. (It was reprinted this year.) This one thing may have had the greatest impact on our current lifestyle. (No, there aren't any rabbits in our cellar.)

Thanks again, Philip, Paul, Lindsey, Myscha, Nora, Jubliani, WC, Will, Julie......

Guest's picture

one of my favorite posts has been the Top Seven Reasons Why I Use My Credit Card for Everything. we hear everyday on the news about the problems americans have with their credit cards. but when used responsibly, there are so many benefits. i have been doing this for a couple of years now and enjoy the benefits year round. but at christmas when i am able to use my credit card points towards gifts for friends and family, i am reminded of the fact that sometimes credit cards can even keep you out of debt!

Guest's picture

I enjoyed the "Using Up Sub-par Produce" - anything by Linsey usually strikes my fancy. I also typically enjoy any of Misha's articles about making life easier/better on a budget. And I enjoy Paul's wit and particular brand of writing.

Guest's picture

I like when one topic is discussed, with links to various blogs that are talking about the topic. Is is cool to read a new page, and see what different people have to say about the same topic. I also liked the daily deals, but don't like the new way they are done.

Guest's picture

I love getting wise bread newsletters in the mail everyday. My favorite articles would be the ones on saving money and being frugal, because it has helped me more as a young adult to not just blow money on material goods and save up for the future. And being frugal is (kinda) fun.

Guest's picture

My favorite post is Philip Brewer's "How much do I need to retire?..."

I'm only 24, but this post explains what I need to be aware of to start planning for retirement. I trust Philip because he writes very clearly and precisely, and so the information is easy to understand.

Guest's picture

I like WiseBread articles of all types and bookmark my favorites. My favorites tend to discuss topics I haven't thought about before or how to do things. For reference, a sampling:

(I started using the WiseBread tag long after I started that account, so not all the articles I've bookmarked from this site are tagged as such.)

Guest's picture

are the ones that focus on small, simple everyday ways to save/make extra money. Tips that pretty much anybody can relate to and do, such as what to do with all your coins, coupons/bargains, etc.

Guest's picture

I liked the gardening in groups article--very timely for the spring!

Guest's picture

I like the regular life tips on how to spend less and save more- the daily newsletters are great as well.

Guest's picture

I come here every day, and I almost always learn something. Sometimes, I'll bookmark a particular article in my favorites. The following is one of them:

10 Small Businesses That Are Free or Cost Little to Start Up

Everyone could use a little extra money, and I thought this article was a fantastic resource. :)

Guest's picture

My favorite articles are the ones about Making Extra Cash. Not only do they have useful information, they also inspire me to go out and find opportunities to make a few extra bucks. For example, this Monday, I am going to participate in a psychology experiment for 1 hour that pays $20. It might not seem like much money to some, but to me, a poor student, it seems like a huge amount.

Guest's picture

I've gotten a lot of free samples from your daily deals, thanks!


Guest's picture

This was a great article!!
I remember the day I 'grew' out of a size 14 and realized that I needed to move to the other part of the store. Then I realized that making smaller clothes bigger wasn't the same as making bigger clothes that fit nicely. It takes extra effort to shop, that's for sure and I'm not a 'shopper.' One store, CJ Banks, offers an X size which is a size smaller than 1X and is perfect.

Guest's picture

Philip Brewer is my favorite WB writer (and one of my favorite bloggers overall). His "Getting by without a job" series was especially excellent. I read it many times when I was facing unemployment, and it was a great help.

Guest's picture

I like the simple, easy to do ways to save money.

Guest's picture
Ernest S.

But if I had to choose one (it's hard since I find myself marking a lot of your articles in my RSS reader), I would have to choose your recent article on pet care. It's the type of article that is important and relevant, yet rarely discussed.

Thanks for maintaining such a wonderful blog!

Guest's picture

My current favorite article is Beyond the Slow Cooker: 10 Eco- and Budget-Friendly Household Helpers That Progress Left Behind.

I'm looking at moving soon and it's helped me think about what I want to have for cleaning supplies and appliances.

Guest's picture

I haven't been here long, but I think my favorite article is - 16 Things Your Lawyer Won't Tell You

Guest's picture

Tips for Perimeter Perusing at Target
Posted February 5, 2008 by Linsey Knerl

I finally learned how to shop at Target. I never really got the hang of it before.

Thanks Linsey!

Andrea Karim's picture

But I, too, love Philip's thoughtful posts.

Guest's picture

Great information. Thanks for sharing. i really need this topic