Asustek launching budget laptops starting at $199.

asus budget

You probably already know about the $100 laptop (One Laptop Per Child). But a company called Asustek is launching a new range of low-budget laptops this year...and the starting price is just $199.

In a recent report by the Taipei Times , it was revealed that Asustek Computer Inc., the world's largest maker of computer motherboards, is taking the technology one step further. This time, creating a complete laptop with the help of processor giant Intel.

The five budget laptops in development will start at $199 and top out at around $549. The technology that makes them so cheap is the abandonment of regular mechanical hard drives in favor of Intel's Solid State Disk with flash memory. The operating size of these is anywhere from 1GB to 40GB. So, not exactly a ton of space compared to regular laptops, but then again look at the price.

No widescreen displays here either...just standard 7" displays. But for the price and the functionality, plus the reliable Intel name, this is a great deal. No release date details yet, or distribution channels, but I'll keep you all posted.

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according to the article, they'll use linux, too.
sweet :)

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oh, wait, the article was talking about the OLPC project, not this laptop.
me = moron