Barclays Credit Card Offers: Applications & Reviews

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Barclays provides a number of different credit cards ranging from those with low interest rates to credit cards that award points for travel, hotels, and airfare, as well as cash back. Whether you are an NFL fan, or you are planning your next cruise vacation, you will likely find a Barclays credit card that suits your needs.

How to Apply for Barclays Credit Cards

You can apply for Barclays credit cards online and usually receive an answer in a matter of minutes. The online application process makes it very convenient to apply for card. You simply select the card of your choice and then fill in your information.

Top Barclays Credit Card Application Offers

Barclays offers a wide variety of credit cards and rewards programs. Whether you want to earn miles for travel purchases, cash back, or you just want a low-interest rate option, you will likely find a card that works for your situation. These are the top Barclays application offers.

Free FICO Credit Scores with Barclaycard Credit Cards

Barclays credit cards also include free access to your FICO credit score. This allows you to monitor and manage your credit rating without paying a monthly fee. If you are working on increasing your credit score, it’s a handy free feature to have that can help.

How to Find the Best Barclays Promotions

  1. Internet – Our Recommended Option. There are many ways to find the best Barclays promotions, but we recommend the Internet. When you apply online you can research and compare each card before making your final decision. Plus, the promotions online are generally the most up-to-date offers. You are essentially guaranteed to find the best credit card offer and the most current promotions online.
  2. Mail Offers. You can also receive Barclays credit card promotions through the mail. These offers, however, are usually limited and based on specific demographics for your area. Mail offers also typically focus on one card, which means you won’t get all the promotions offered with other cards. Mail offers usually provide a link and a phone number with a special promotional code for applying for the card. 
  3. TV. Barclays TV ads have included celebrities and promotions to catchy tunes such as Let Your Love Flow by The Bellamy Brothers. Although TV commercials are popular for reaching lots of new customers, the Barclays ads are limited especially when compared to other credit card issuers. If you catch a Barclay commercial, it will likely include a phone number and link to the website for applying for the particular card in the advertisement. 
  4. Magazines/Newspapers. You may find a Barclays promotion in a magazine or newspaper, but you risk encountering outdated information. Although magazine and newspaper ads provide a phone number and website for applying for a particular card, it’s possible that you may miss out on the best promotion.

Credit Cards for People with Excellent to Good Credit

Barclays offers cards for people with excellent to good credit. Card users who have had credit problems in the past may also find cards they qualify for in the Barclays family. However, if you don’t find a particular Barclays that meets your needs, we recommend that you check out our lists of the best 0% balance transfer, low-interest, travel rewards, and cash back credit cards.


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