Best Money Tips: 10 Best No-Alcohol Drinks


Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips roundup. Today, we share some fun drink recipes even the kids can enjoy, how to keep your SSN safe, and why you should be extra careful when checking into hotels.

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10 Best No-Alcohol Drinks — Signed up to be a designated driver at your next party? No problem. With names like “The PacMan,” these drinks are just as cool as their spiked counterparts. Casual Kitchen

How to Safeguard your Social Security Number — No, you DON’T have to give out your SSN in most instances. Find out when it’s appropriate, and what you can do to keep your precious digits to yourself. Get Rich Slowly

Get Your Boss to Let You Work from Home — Thinking of making the request for telecommute privileges? Here are some great tools to get you started! My Life Scoop

Mastering Recurring Responsibilities — Has remembering to consistently clean the bathroom (or any other chore) got you down? Take these very practical and effective tips to heart. You can do it! Unclutterer

Reusable Grocery Bags Can Harbor E. Coli — Are they super for the earth, but bad for your health? Quite possibly. Healthy Theory

Other Essential Reading

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Hackers Love Stealing Your Credit Card from Hotels — Planning a stay anytime soon? Check your credit card statement as soon as you check out. This stuff is scary! Consumerist

10 Ways to Get Kids to Save Money — As a mom, I can agree with most of these tips. (And they’re not too shabby for getting adults to save money, too!) Free Money Finance

Summer Fun on a Dime — These simple activities for a hot day won’t cost your family much, at all! (And they are super popular with the kidlets.) Parenting Squad

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