Best Money Tips: 10 Countries Where Retirees Can Live Large and Save Big


Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found articles on the best countries to retire, how to score cheap flights this summer, and cheap and easy dessert recipes.

Top 5 Articles

The 10 Best Countries to Retire Where You Can Live Large and Save Big — Want more bang for your retirement bucks? These destinations offer affordability, climate, health care, friendliness, and other characteristics that many retirees want. [Money Talks News]

How to Score Cheap Flights This Summer — Summer airfare can get pricey, but there are a few ways to snag cheap flights for your next getaway. [PopSugar Smart Living]

The Best 7 Easy Frugal Dessert Recipes to Try — Serve up some sweet treats on a budget! Each serving costs less than 50 cents to make. [Little House Living]

Tips for Starting a Fix-and-flip Business — Flipping a house is never as easy as it looks on TV, but you can turn your flipping dreams into reality with some dedicated work and these tips! [Disease Called Debt]

Be More Productive by Saying Yes to Less — Learn how to scale back your commitments and actually get more done! [Daily Worth]

Other Essential Reading

5 Meaningful Family Birthday Traditions — Bring more meaning to birthdays in your family by taking up one of these meaningful traditions. [Fabulessly Frugal]

6 Best Grocery Rebate Apps To Get Cash Back on Your Groceries — These are the best grocery rebate apps to help you stretch your grocery budget and get cash back on things you were going to buy anyway. [Frugal Rules]

How DIY Projects Help With Mental Health — Not only can DIY projects help you save money, they are also beneficial to your mental health in many important ways. [Miss Frugal Mommy]

When To Finance Even If You Could Pay Cash — Paying cash is almost always a smarter move than to go into debt, but there are a few situations where it can make sense to finance even if you have the cash. [Money Under 30]

Arizona commits to producing drought plan for Colorado River — Experts predict that the Colorado River will suffer water shortages in the coming years that could affect 40 million people in 7 US states. [The Christian Science Monitor]

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