Best Money Tips: 10 Free Things To Do For Dad On Father's Day

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Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some awesome articles on 10 free things to do for dad on Father's Day, how to double your cash back spending rewards, and how to spot a scam.

Top 5 Articles

10 Free Things to Do for Dad on Father's Day — This Father's Day, mow the lawn and take out the garbage so your dad doesn't have to do it! [Savings Scoop]

How to Double Your Cash Back Spending Rewards Every Month — Double your cash back spending rewards by paying back your cash back credit card with a cash back checking account. [Lifehacker]

How to Spot a Scam: 7 Question To Ask Before Buying — Before you buy something, be sure to ask yourself if the company is offering something for free. If so, it may be a scam. [MintLife Blog]

Investor Beware: 5 Financial Innovations to Avoid — Investors should be careful when it comes to online currency trading. [Kiplinger]

5 Fixes For Common Financial Concerns — If you are concerned about your bank account getting drained, talk to your banker about security. [SavvySugar]

Other Essential Reading

3 Reasons NOT To Host A Birthday Party In Your Home — By not hosting a birthday party in your home, you won't have to plan the details. [Parenting Squad]

10 Smartphone Apps That Boost Efficiency — Consider downloading Remember the Milk to help you manage your tasks. [Currency]

4 Tips to Eat Cheap — Eat cheap by taking advantage of sales. [Canadian Finance Blog]

10 Fun Summer Jobs for Teens and College Students — Working as a camp counselor or lifeguard is a fun summer job for any teen or college student. [PT Money]

7 Tips for Using Student Credit Cards — When using student credit cards, be sure to get a checking account to pay for your credit card. [Consumerism Commentary]

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