Best Money Tips: 10 Home Items That Are Making You Sick

By Amy Lu on 18 August 2017 0 comments

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found articles on things you have in your home that are making you sick, useful tips for gig workers, and ways to save money when you’re moving abroad.

Top 5 Articles

10 Things At Home That Are Making You Unwittingly Sick — Your bath mat can contain mold, dust mites and bacteria — all of these can lead to allergies or the common cold.  [Dumb Little Man]

5 things every gig worker should know — As a gig worker, your income will fluctuate from one month to the next. Make sure you set aside funds in a savings account to cover expenses when you aren't making as much money as usual. [CNN Money]

8 Ways to Save Money When Moving Abroad — Sell everything you won't take with you, including vehicles, properties, and other assets that will require long-term storage or regular maintenance. [One Smart Dollar]

How to Have a Coach Flying Experience That Isn't Awful — You can gain a little more room by booking your seats strategically. [PopSugar Smart Living]

Amazing Fall Picnic Ideas To Try Right Now — Summer picnics get a ton of love, but fall picnics can be a lot of fun, too! For drinks, go with seasonal flavors like cider, pumpkin ale, hard cider, or apple wine. [A Mess Free Life]

Other Essential Reading

Making Money During the Back to School Season and Beyond — Many busy parents would be glad to pay for a little help throughout the school year. You can offer healthy meal kits, transportation services, or tutoring sessions for subjects you know well. [Side Hustle HQ]

How to Eat Tasty and Save Money on Work Lunches — Make your own sauces to dress up ordinary ingredients. [Don't Pay Full]

Ways to Make a Mattress Last Longer — Use a mattress protector with allergy protection, even if you don't have allergies. Besides blocking allergy spores, it will also keep dander and dust from getting into your mattress. [Penny deSaver]

How to Get Back on Track with Motivation & Habits — The key to getting back on track after you've been derailed is to change your mood as it relates to the project or goal. [zen habits]

14 Tips To Organize A Child-Friendly Bathroom — Safety is key! Avoid bathroom furnishings with sharp corners, edges, or metal parts where your children can get hurt. [Get Organized Wizard]

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