Best Money Tips: 10 Products You Need for Financial Security

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found articles on products need to be financially secure, energy conservation myths you should ignore, and things you can do in the day to sleep better at night.

Top 5 Articles

You Can’t Be Financially Secure Without These 10 Products — Having homeowners insurance means you won't be left on the street if your home burns down. Considering how inexpensive policies can be for the coverage they provide, there's no reason not to have one. [Money Talks News]

13 Energy Conservation Myths You Can Start Ignoring Now — Leaving your computer in sleep mode doesn't save energy — in fact, keeping it on for long periods of time can ruin its power supply and other components. [Cheapism]

7 Things You Can Do During the Day to Help You Sleep Better at Night — If a small snack before bed is your kind of thing, munch on foods that produce melatonin, like oats, dairy products, and cherries. [PopSugar Smart Living]

4 Safety Tips for Traveling Alone — Once you reach your lodging, familiarize yourself with your surroundings. Review the escape routes and ask your host where they keep emergency items like fire extinguishers. [The Allstate Blog]

How to Cheaply Overhaul Your Yard this Spring — Use tones, rock and gravel elements to accent your yard. They're great for spaces with drainage problems and to cover areas that need a touch-up. [Everything Finance]

Other Essential Reading

Are Americans ready to get on board with tax reform? Not so much.  — Based on history and current public attitudes, it isn't likely that a tax debate will engage a highly-polarized and often-confused public. [The Christian Science Monitor]

How to Grow Fruits & Veggies in Small Spaces — Choose fruits and vegetables that grow well in small spaces, such as lettuce, carrots, basil, garlic, beans, and tomatoes. [Shopper Strategy]

Top 9 Things To Give Up Immediately If You Want To Become Happy — There's nothing wrong with taking pride in your work, but never place your worth on your career. [Dumb Little Man]

4 Essential Ways to Thrive in a Fast-Changing World — The ability to adapt is critical in today's fast-changing world. If you want to keep up with the times, it's important to embrace lifelong learning. [Life Optimizer]

10 Simple Time Management Tactics for Your Day — Not all of your tasks are important. Choose your top three tasks for each day and commit to completing them no matter what. [Time Management Ninja]

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