Best Money Tips: 10 Ways to Improve your Home Office Cheaply


Welcome to Wise Bread's Best of Personal Finance roundup. Today, we share tips for jazzing up your home office on a budget, how to throw a killer LEGO birthday bash, and 33 free things to do in L.A.!

Top 5 Articles

10 Things You Can Do to Improve Your Home Office Cheaply — It starts with a plant, and the rest is just about as easy (and affordable). Get the full list here. Freelance Switch

Lego Birthday Party — Since I have a Lego-loving six year old at my house, I could really appreciate the thought and frugality of this party plan! Check out the photos, snacks, and goodies bags (all lovingly inspired by a passion for LEGOs!). Ashley Ann Photography via Mom Advice

You’re Self-Employed EVEN if You Work for Someone Else — Good points to consider when you’re getting a paycheck from your boss. The right attitude can mean everything! Fiscal Geek

33 Free Things to Do in L.A. — Wow! This list rocks with things you can do without pulling out your wallet. (Check out all the cities for a nationwide perspective on all the free things you can do the next time you travel.) Mr. FreeStuff

Student Loans and Financial Aid: How to Save $23,000 — That’s a lot of scratch to not have to pay. Get the scoop on how it’s done in this visually-appealing write-up. I Will Teach You To Be Rich

Other Essential Reading

Depositing Loose Coins and Coin Jars — Before you dump all your hard-saved coinage into one of the commercial machines at the grocery store, read this. My Money Blog

Parents Should Teach Kids Finances, Not Just Schools — I’m a firm believer in this philosophy, and the reasons to support it are many. Get your kids involved in finances at home to ensure that they actually care when they grow up. Frugal Dad

Faux Pas in the Bulk Aisle — I didn’t even realize that you could bring your own containers to fill up at the grocery store. Get the tips to make sure you’re doing it the right way! Chow

Spirit Airlines now Charges for Carry-on Luggage — Have you heard this news? Get informed of all the little fees that could make your cross-country flight a wee bit expensive (and check out some funny fictional fees that may be coming down the line). Consumerism Commentary

Calculate How Much Your Debt Costs You Per Month — If your debt isn’t something you’ve thought about lately, you may want to revisit it (along with the sickening fees and interest). Find out the right way to do it in this article. Get Rich Slowly

Thanks to Frugal Upstate for including us in the Festival of Frugality #224!

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Guy G.


Realistic and practical ideas. My favourite is the lighting. Fitting, as today it is dreary and rainy outside. I think the only thing keeping me awake is the bright lighting in here. I just have to avoid looking out of the window. lol

Thanks for the great tips on budgeting as I'm looking at sprucing up the home office. I will avoid tidying the desk for a couple more days though.



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That plant looks just like mine!

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I appreciate the information. My girlfriend and i both have home offices and this information will benefit both of us!!

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