Best Money Tips: 10 Ways to Save $10 a Day


Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some great articles on smart tricks to save $10 a day, things to look forward to in 2015, and how to make the most of moving back with your parents.

Top 5 Articles

10 Tricks to Save $10 a Day — Whether you're dining out or cooking in, always box your leftovers. Mark the container with the date to make sure you eat it up before it goes bad. [PopSugar Smart Living]

10 Things to Look Forward to in 2015 — As the economy improves, wages will go up. More midsize and small businesses are saying that they expect to increase employees' pay by 3% or more. [Kiplinger]

5 Ways to Make the Most of Moving Back Home With Your Parents — It's cheaper to eat meals at home and pack lunch from the fridge. It tends to be healthier, too! [Money Under 30]

5 Simple Ways You Can Unplug and Recharge — Sit quietly with a cup of your favorite tea, coffee, or wine. Close your eyes, savor each sip, and focus on the simple pleasures in life. [Everything Finance]

5 Steps to Help You Move Beyond Past Mistakes — Take an honest look at your mistake. You can begin to heal only after you have stripped your feelings bare. [Change Your Thoughts]

Other Essential Reading

5 Tips for Buying a Home in 2015 — Watch out for stricter guidelines for mortgages in 2015. [Cash The Checks]

20 Things to Reflect on This New Years Eve — Laughter does wonders for your health, so it's definitely worth remembering the thing that made you laugh the most. [Essential You]

How to Have a Kid-Free New Year's Eve — Change the clock at around 8 or 9 p.m. so your kids can do the countdown before they conk out. [Parenting Squad]

Sick of Wasting Time in Line? This App Helps You Earn Money While You Wait — Instant Rewards allows you to earn points (which you can cash out via PayPal or an Amazon gift card) just by doing simple tasks like watching a video or sharing something on Facebook. [The Penny Hoarder]

8 Ways You Could be Getting Paid to Tweet (Are You?) — If you have a good number of followers, sites will pay you to tweet about them. [Money Pantry]

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