Best Money Tips: 11 Life Hacks for a Stress-Free Holiday Season


Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found articles on life hacks for the holiday season, wasteful spending you should avoid, and popular hangover cures debunked.

Top 5 Articles

These 10 Life Hacks Will Make Your Holiday Season SO Much Easier — All your little frustrations will melt away once you know these hacks for the last-minute holiday scramble. [PopSugar Smart Living]

Avoid these six types of wasteful spending — Many websites charge a convenience fee when you make reservations online. You can easily avoid this fee by booking over the phone. [The Monitor]

11 Hangover 'Cures' Debunked — Greasy foods will not help you get over a hangover. Instead, go for bland carbs like toast, oatmeal, and cereal, which will raise blood sugar. [Cheapism]

Inexpensive Ways to Throw Awesome Parties During the Holidays — You don't need to bust your budget (and your sanity) to host an amazing holiday party. Join Experian's #CreditChat tomorrow at 3 p.m. ET for a discussion on inexpensive ways to throw awesome parties during the holidays. [Experian]

10 Great Ways to Give Back Without Spending Money — Register to become an organ donor. Nothing can beat the gift of life! [SheBudgets]

Other Essential Reading

4 Traits for Success Among Wealthy Women from All Walks of Life — If you don't want to be a one-hit wonder, you'll need to push yourself to new heights and challenge yourself to do more. [Everybody Loves Your Money]

5 Refinance Mistakes That Can Be Easily Avoided — Mortgage rates change often. Borrowers can protect themselves from rate fluctuations by locking in the rate being offered by a lender. [Bible Money Matters]

5 Financial Habits You Should Establish in Your Twenties — Get into the habit of paying for value. It's worth spending a little more on quality goods that will last. [Ready To Be Rich]

How Social Networking Can Negatively Affect Your Finances — Prospective employers — as well as current ones — can look you up on social media sites and may hire or fire you based on your posts. [Yes, I Am Cheap]

3 Gifts for the Imaginative Little Girl in Your Life — These activity books are perfect for unleashing your little one's boundless imagination. [Parenting Squad]

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