Best Money Tips: 12 Surprising Lottery Facts

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found articles on lottery facts that may surprise you, mind and behavioral tricks that help you save, and how to upcycle an old filing cabinet into garden storage.

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Love Playing the Lottery? Here Are 12 Facts That May Surprise You — If you win the lottery, you typically won't be able to stay anonymous even if you want to. At least your name and city of residence will need to be made public. [PopSugar Smart Living]

4 Mind & Behaavioral Tricks to Help You Save — A study has found that people are more likely to spend dirty, crumpled currency and hold on to new bills, so keep a new $50 or $100 in your wallet to deter spending. [MintLife]

Easy Upcycling: Filing Cabinet Into Garden Storage — If you have an old filing cabinet that has outlived its usefulness, give it new life by turning it into garden storage. This simple project costs under $30! [Sustainablog]

How businesses can grow $1 to $14 by reducing food waste — According to a new report, the average business will earn a $14 return for every $1 invested in food loss and waste reduction. [The Monitor]

7 Mentally Damaging Habits You Need To Let Go — Don't keep your to-do list in your head. It's easy to forget ideas and commitments if you don't write them down, and you may even cause more stress as you try to recall important events. [Dumb Little Man]

Other Essential Reading

Can You Save Money by Insulating Your Garage? — An insulated garage can help you save on heating and increase the value of your home. [Frugal Village]

7 Unnecessary Purchases to Avoid — There's no reason to splurge on a four-course restaurant meal unless it's a special occasion. If you make sure you're not starving before you go out, an entree is usually enough to fill you up. [Money Spruce]

How to Best Use Your Grace Period: Create Your Debt Attack Plan — New grads can use the valuable grace period to evaluate their options and decide on a debt repayment strategy. [Poorer Than You]

6 Things Your Tax Preparer May Not Want You To Know — Your tax preparer won't keep your tax records forever, and they will be purged according to your tax preparer's unique policy. Make sure you know what that policy is, and be ready to pay extra for archiving services if that's something you need. [Kiplinger]

Why Living With a Minimal Wardrobe Will Make You Happier — When you commit to a minimal wardrobe, you waste less time on shopping and choosing what to wear. [Get Organized Wizard]

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