Best Money Tips: 13 Food Hacks to Reduce Waste

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some great articles on hacks that reduce food waste, ways to make an extra $500 for the holidays, and great small cities for millennials.

Top 5 Articles

13 Hacks to Reduce Food Waste — Got a little mayonnaise left in the bottle? Add olive oil, fresh herbs and spice, and shake it all up for a tasty salad dressing. [Saving Freak]

10 Weird Ways to Make An Extra $565 for Christmas — Get cash back on your regular (and holiday) shopping from sites like SendEarnings. [The Penny Hoarder]

Great small cities for millennials (or anyone seeking affordable urban spaces) – Denton, TX (a small city near Dallas) boasts positive change in home value, positive change in four-year wage growth, and low overall median home values. [Get Rich Slowly]

Use All Your Vacation Days Without Fearing for Your Job — Train your co-workers and subordinates so they can cover any necessary tasks while you're out of the office. [Money Q&A]

The Best All-Natural Way to Make Your Home Smell Like Fall — This DIY air freshener uses kitchen scraps to create wonderful fall scents. [PopSugar Smart Living]

Other Essential Reading

Be Prepared: How to Charge Your Phone or Laptop When the Power is Out — Invest in extra batteries or backup chargers that work without electricity. If the sun isn't available for solar power, you can use hand-crank chargers. [The Allstate Blog]

10 Practices to Increase Self-Discipline — Commit to exercising for 20 minutes every day. Any kind of workout will do. The important thing here is consistency. [Everybody Loves Your Money]

5 Steps to Improve Your Financial Fitness — Start by taking your financial measurements. Make a list of your debts and savings, and find out what your credit score is. [Clever Dude]

Three Simple Habits for Building Long-Term Wealth — When you don't have much money to spare, invest in the safest things you can find. Consider starting with a highly diversified, low-cost index fund. [Daily Reckoning]

7 Reasons You Should Ban Handheld Devices for Your Children and Pre-Teens — Tech like smartphones and gadgets can be excellent learning tools, but they aren't the only ones. Your kids need to learn from other sources to become well-rounded adults. [Parenting Squad]

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