Best Money Tips: 15 Things That Happy People Avoid

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some great articles on the things that happy people avoid, how to get the best deals on Amazon, and a deliciously easy way to make peanut butter.

Top 5 Articles

15 Things Happy People Avoid At All Costs — Happy people avoid four-wall syndrome — they don't keep themselves cooped up indoors all day. [Pick The Brain]

How to Get the Best Deals on — Use Amazon Pantry for everyday essentials like toilet paper or soap. [Money Ning]

How to Make Homemade Peanut Butter — It's super easy (and cheap!) to make your own peanut butter. The only fancy equipment you need is a food processor! [Saving Dollars & Sense]

12 Ways to Make Your Coffee Break Better — Take this opportunity to get away from your desk and clear your head. While you're away, chat with co-workers and make smart connections! [PopSugar Smart Living]

In case you missed it: 4 Steps to Finding Your Mortgage Lender — Price is the main factor in your choice of a mortgage lender, so it's important that you do your homework and compare rates. Use a mortgage calculator if you need help! [Wise Bread]

Other Essential Reading

7 Tips to Keep Your Meetings to a Manageable Size — You need active participants at a meeting — not observers. [Time Management Ninja]

The Ultimate Checklist For Safe Online Shopping — Don't just close the browser when you complete a transaction. Remember to log out! [Saving Coupons]

6 Things to Tackle Before Purchasing Your First Home — You may be eligible for assistance programs for homebuyers, so do some research! [Ready For Zero]

Life Is Short: Toxic Financial Attitudes — Life is short, but that's no excuse to spend like crazy. It's important to balance the enjoyment of now with consideration for the future. [Consumerism Commentary]

9 Ways to Entertain Kids on a Road Trip — Five your kids a map of the area you'll be traveling in and have them trace the route and mark the towns you pass. [Parenting Squad]

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