Best Money Tips: 19 Cheap Ways to Stay Cool This Summer

By Amy Lu on 16 May 2016 0 comments

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found nearly twenty cheap ways to stay cool, features to consider when shopping for carry-on luggage, and affordable, homemade versions of takeout meals.

Top 5 Articles

It’s Heating Up: 19 Ways to Bring Down the Cost of Staying Cool — Use the barbecue and cook outdoors to keep the house cool. [Money Talks News]

Seven features to consider when buying carry-on luggage — Zippers are prone to breaking, so choose durable metal or plastic zipper chains instead of coil zippers for better odds of coming home with working zippers on your carry-on. [The Monitor]

21 Takeout Meals Made Cheaper at Home — Many of your favorite takeout favorites can be made at home, easily and affordably! [Cheapism]

The 1 Thing You MUST Do Before Going on Vacation — Reach out to your friends, family, and co-workers for recommendations on food, transportation, and activities. [PopSugar Smart Living]

12 Smart Financial Strategies for People Struggling to Get Started — Most bakeries will offer bread at a pittance if you go in shortly before they close. [The Simple Dollar]

Other Essential Reading

7 Safety Tips To Follow When Using Taxi Apps — Take a screen shot of your order so you can see the name of your driver, car ID number, and other identifying information. Send it to a friend in case there's an emergency. [Shopper Strategy]

12 Cleaning Hacks That Don’t Work & Are Just Plain Ridiculous — Most hairsprays don't contain alcohol anymore, so they're pretty useless against ink stains in your clothes. In fact, the hairspray may even damage the fabric! [A Debt Free Stress Free Life]

Why You Shouldn’t Focus on Income to Grow Your Wealth — With income, you're working for your money — but with savings and investments, your money works for you. [My Dollar Plan]

6 Gifts That Actually Help to Launch Graduates — Give your college grad an incentive to save retirement and offer to match their 401(k) or IRA contributions for a year. [PT Money]

5 Secrets to Get Children to Eat Healthier — Don't just tell your kids to eat healthy — you need to walk the walk, too. Show them that eating healthier is an important change for the entire family. [Parenting Squad]

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