Best Money Tips: 19 Outrageously Overpriced Products

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found articles on the most overpriced products out there, tips for camping in the fall and winter, and things to consider before ordering groceries online.

Top 5 Articles

19 of the Most Outrageously Overpriced Products — Some salad bar items are marked up more than 350%! Big offenders are chickpeas, radishes, and baby corn. [Money Talks News]

5 Tips for Camping in the Fall and Winter — Pack a sleeping pad (or two) to insulate you from the cold ground when you sleep. [The Allstate Blog]

10 Things to Consider Before Grocery Shopping Online — If an item you want is out of stock and the grocer doesn’t have any substitutions, you'll have to place another order at another store that carries it, look for it in person, or do without. [The Fortunate Investor]

12 Good Travel Habits You Should Develop ASAP — Always keep a reusable water bottle with you so you can refill and stay hydrated throughout your trip. [PopSugar Smart Living]

10 Tips to Prepare Your Home for the Market — Rearrange the furniture so that it's easy for potential buyers to move around your house. [Clever Dude]

Other Essential Reading

Military space race? Why some say now's the time for an upgraded treaty.  — A new, upgraded treaty can help prevent space from becoming the next battleground. [The Christian Science Monitor]

11 Tricks to Shopping at Amazon's Whole Foods Without Going Broke — Check ahead for days when Whole Foods offers specials on certain food and drinks. [Kiplinger]

How to Spend Your Student Loans: Do’s and Dont’s — Your first priority should be non-negotiables like tuition, on-campus housing, and required fees. [Mint Life]

Three Ways To Be More Engaged In Your Work — Check your attitude. It's okay to talk about work issues with your spouse or a friend, but don't poison the atmosphere at the office with your complaints. [Matt About Money]

The Only 10 Success Principles You’ll Ever Need — Be persistent! Treat failures like stepping stones to success. [Pick The Brain]

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