Best Money Tips: 20 Awesome Target Shopping Hacks

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found awesome Target shopping hacks, over 100 small ways to save big, and an easy way to deep clean your kitchen like a pro.

Top 5 Articles

20 Awesome Target Shopping Savings Hacks for Dollar Squeezers Like Me! — Remember to combine manufacturer's coupons and Target coupons. It's even better if there's a BOGO promotion going on! [More With Less Today]

101 Small Ways to Save Big — Got a big purchase coming up? Start looking well in advance so you know what is and isn't a good deal when you see it. [PopSugar Smart Living]

Deep Cleaning Your Kitchen the Easy, Professional Way — Don't forget your light fixtures! Remove and clean the glass covers, and dust your light bulbs and fan blades if you have a ceiling fan. [A Debt Free Stress Free Life]

6 Healthy Habits That Save Money — Walk instead of drive whenever you can. You'll get some exercise and save money on gas and car maintenance. [Cult of Money]

How to Spruce up Your House on a Budget — Good artwork doesn't have to be expensive, and it's even cheaper when you make it yourself. Enlarge sheet music of a song that is meaningful to you, or use stencils to paint an inspirational quote. [Phroogal Blog]

Other Essential Reading

Start Now To Plan A Perfectly Inexpensive Tropical Getaway On A Budget — Groupon often offers deals for vacations in the Dominican Republic. Look up activities at your resort to save even more! [Frugal Beautiful]

Tackle Your Financial Clutter in 10 Minutes Today — Dedicate 10 minutes to focus on a task on your financial to-do list. Set a timer…and go! [My Dollar Plan]

5 Times When It’s O.K. to Splurge — It's OK to splurge on experiences if it's something you really enjoy and it isn't something you do regularly. [Dinks Finance]

How to Save Money and Still Shower Your Family With Gifts — Start a Secret Santa tradition with your family. This way, each person will only need to get one gift. [Clever Dude]

7 Ways to Protect Our Kids From Online Predators — Look out for unusual behavior. If your child has significant mood swings or they're acting sneaky, it could mean that something is wrong. [Parenting Squad]

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