Best Money Tips: 20 Odd Ways to Make Money


Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some great articles on odd ways to make extra money, tips for better self-esteem, and how to work from home like a pro.

Top 5 Articles

20 Odd Ways to Make Extra Money — Know another language or three? Interpreters and translators are in high demand. If you don't want to do it full time, you can advertise locally or work on a contract basis as a freelance translator. [Money Talks News]

9 Tips for Better Self-Esteem — Pay attention to any triggers that may set off your negative thoughts and feelings, and take steps to remove these triggers from your life. [Think Simple Now]

Your Guide to Working From Home Like a Pro — Take breaks to talk to people. It'll give you a sense of community and productivity and will help keep you on task. [PopSugar Smart Living]

Eighteen new burger joints from around the world to check out — If you ever find yourself in Manchester, England, try the £6 Filthy Classic at burger joint Filthy Cow. [The Monitor]

How To Save Up Enough Willpower To Crush Your Junk Food Cravings With Ease — Stop worrying about food choices that you'll make in the future. Save all that willpower for the second when you actually have to make a decision and you'll find you're able to make the right choice for you. [Pick The Brain]

Other Essential Reading

How To Get Organized With Unexpected Visitor — Grab a laundry basket and do a quick walk-through of your home. Toss misplaced items into the basket and put it all somewhere out of sight. [Get Organized Wizard]

7 Need to Know Facts on Social Security — If you were born after 1929, you need to work at least 10 years total in order to qualify for Social Security retirement benefits. [Money Spruce]

The Most Important Factor To Maximize In Your Portfolio — Make sure you understand your investment portfolio well enough to know what to do during boom times and panic. [My Money Blog]

5 Ways To Give To The Homeless Without Giving Cash — Essentials like water and snacks can make a huge difference! [Bible Money Matters]

How to Teach Your Child Good Tech Manners — Remember that your kids will model your behavior. If you fiddle with your phone during dinner, they'll think it's an okay thing to do. [Parenting Squad]

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