Best Money Tips: 20 Signs You Need a Financial Makeover

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Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips roundup. Today, we share the 20 ways you know you need some money help, 10 little-known personal development blogs, and how to turn an old tie into something more fashionable!

Top 5 Articles 

20 Signs You Need a Financial Makeover – If you charge a group’s dinner on your credit card, then spend the cash that your buddies hand over to settle up, you may need a financial makeover. Read all twenty of these red flags for a chance at a better life! Budgets are Sexy via Enemy of Debt 

Hand Painted Bottle Stoppers - These are a classy and affordable way to dress up a bottle of wine. They make a great gift, too!  Skip to My Lou 

31 Days to a Better Bank Balance – While we can only imagine that the rest of the 30-day series will be spectacular, this post on setting priorities is a great way to kick off day three! Money Crush 

The 10 Personal Development Blogs You Wish You Knew About Earlier – It’s great to venture out beyond the most popular personal development blogs. These little-known treasures are just waiting to be explored! Viralogy 

Re-tailor Old Ties into Skinny Ties – If you like the look, why not create it with this DIY design tip? Design Mom via Lifehacker

Other Essential Reading 

Taking Out a Loan? Questions to Ask First – These are basic questions, but they often go unanswered! Quiz yourself before you sign on that dotted line. The Digerati Life 

Super Size Your Savings at Fast Food Restaurants – If you were to order the same combo meal 3 times a week at popular restaurants, you could really blow your budget (especially if you’re getting the large combo.) Get the stats on nutritional info and the true cost of getting the larger meal. Green Sherpa 

Dying in Debt: Can You Take it With You? Think your debts are wiped out when you die? Think again. Check out these tips for keeping your survivors from inheriting your debts. Money Talks News 

DIY Backyard Beekeeping – If you can garden, you can be a beekeeper! Learn more about starting up this amazing and much-needed hobby! The Daily Green 

The Truth about Hotel Key Cards – This urban legend needs to be debunked. Hotels don’t really store your credit card information on your hotel key card – even if it is used for hotel purchases. Southern Colorado BBB Blog


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