Best Money Tips: 20 Things You Should Never Buy at Full Price

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found the 20 things you should never buy at full price, some research on the dirtiest hotels in America, and adventurous ways to make money during a snowstorm.

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20 Products and Services You Should Never Buy at Full Price — Coupons for contact lenses are almost always available for both in-store and online orders. [Cheapism]

The Dirtiest Hotels in America Will Shock You — Surprisingly enough, 5- and 4-star hotel rooms have way more germs than what you'd find at a 3-star hotel. [PopSugar Smart Living]

18 Adventurous Ways to Make Money During a Snowstorm — It's harder to run errands in the snow, but if you're able to get around, you can buy groceries and supplies or make deliveries for neighbors and customers who are stuck at home. [The Penny Hoarder]

Stop Spending So Much on Food — The largest version of a product isn't always the cheapest. Check the shelf tag or use a calculator to figure out which size is the best value. [Daily Worth]

7 Smart Ways to Save for College on a Budget — Does your child get birthday cash? Put it into their college savings account. [Parenting Squad]

Other Essential Reading

Three Simple but Often Overlooked Income Tax Deductions and Credits — If you're the caregiver for an elderly parent or relative, you can claim the expenses for the care they required while you were at work. [SheBudgets]

5 Steps To Take If Your Flight Is Canceled Due To Weather — Call your airline's customer service and ask to be rebooked. If you're already at the gate, get in line while you call so you can talk to the gate agent, too. [Forbes]

How to Save Money with a Video Gaming Hobby — Challenge yourself to play through the games you already have. Decide what goal or achievement marks the completion point, and once you get there, you're done with the game and can sell it. [The Simple Dollar]

Three Ways To Own a Business — You don't always need to build a business from scratch. You also have the option of buying a business or renting one. [Ready To Be Rich]

4 Insurance Policies That Will Save You Money in the Long Run — One-third of Americans will need disability insurance at some point in their lives. It's good to have this coverage in case you're unable to work for a period a time. [Beating Broke]

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20 Things You Should Never Buy at Full Price

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