Best Money Tips: 20 Traps at the Supermarket You Need to Avoid


Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found helpful articles on supermarket traps to avoid, the hidden costs of renting and apartment, and how to win a bidding war on a house you love.

Top 5 Articles

20 Supermarket Traps to Avoid — What you find in the "artisan" cheese case is often priced double or triple over the cheese in the dairy section. If you just need some cheddar for a recipe, head over to dairy. [Living Well Spending Less]

7 Hidden Costs of Renting an Apartment — Many landowners view pets as an extra liability and will charge a pet deposit, often $250-$350, on top of your security deposit. [Everything Finance]

Housing market too hot? Six ways to win a bidding war. — Being flexible on the closing can make you more attractive to a seller even if someone else outbids you. [The Monitor]

18 Smart Uses For Vaseline — All you need for a homemade fly trap is petroleum jelly and a jar lid. [PopSugar Smart Living]

Stop Paying the Hidden Fees in Your 401(k) — The damage that revenue sharing does to your savings can be extensive over time. One way to avoid the bleeding is to switch to index funds, most of which do not share revenue. [Kiplinger]

Other Essential Reading

10 Cheap Ways to Make Your Outfit Look More Expensive — Tuck in a plain T-shirt, blouse, or sweater for a more polished look. [Cheapism]

20 DIY Natural Cleaners to Make in a Glass Spray Bottle — Create a light moisturizing mask for your hair by combining water, your favorite essential oil, and a little conditioner. [$5 Dinners]

5 Signs Your Friend Is Toxic To Your Productivity — A true friend supports you when you need or want a change. If they don't mind you staying stuck, they can consciously or subconsciously hold you back. [Productivity Theory]

Can You Spot The Foods In Your House That Can Poison You? — Be sure to cook lima beans for 10 minutes. In their raw form, lima beans contain limarin and cyanide. [Life'd]

5 Fun Kitchen Gadgets for Kids — Use ice molds to create fun shapes in your kids' drinks! [Parenting Squad]

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