Best Money Tips: 25 Morning Habits for a Great Day

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some great articles on morning habits for a great day, ways to save $100 this week, and things you can do this summer to boost your career.

Top 5 Articles

Up and at 'Em! 25 Good Morning Habits For a Great Day — Start your day with a brain exercise like Sudoku or a crossword to get those wheels turning! [PopSugar Smart Living]

18 Ways to Save $100 This Week — Set a cash-only expenditure budget for the week. When your cash is gone, your spending is done! [Money Talks News]

5 Things To Do This Summer To Help Build Your Career — Volunteer at a charitable organization! You'll grow your network, gain more experiences to put on your resume, and give back to your community. [Frugal Beautiful]

How to make your laptop last longer — If you have an older laptop with a hard drive, replace it with a solid state drive. They're more expensive than your average hard drive, but they're also much faster. [The Monitor]

Five Common Frugal Cooking Substitutes — Substitute juice for wine if you don't want to pop open bottle. [Bargain Briana]

Other Essential Reading

The 3 Simple (& Absolutely Required) Steps to Doing Work You Love — Become a self-expert! To do this, you need to constantly experiment and learn new things about yourself. [Live Your Legend]

10 Ways to Cut Your Electric or Gas Bill — On warm days, cook on the outdoor grill or an electric skillet on your patio to keep your house from heating up. [Moms Need to Know]

5 Ways You’re Sinking Financially…And How to Stop — It's easy to forget about automatic payments...long after you've stopped using the service! [SheBudgets]

8 Tools To Boost Your Social Media Performance — Nimble combines your schedule, contacts, emails, and social media accounts into one centralized hub. []

All the Best Award Winning Children’s Books of 2015 — This year John Newbery Medal goes to The Crossover by Kwame Alexander! [Parenting Squad]

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