Best Money Tips: 27 Good Financial Habits for Ultimate Success


Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some great articles on good financial habits for ultimate success, what it’s really like to quit your job to travel, and cheap and easy meals for your summer table.

Top 5 Articles

27 Good Financial Habits You Need For Ultimate Financial Success — Don't let interest and late fees eat into your paycheck. Pay your bills ahead of time! [Good Financial Cents]

5 Truths About Quitting Your Job to Travel the World (From a Woman Who Did It) — Traveling the world can be just as stressful as your days at the office! [PopSugar Smart Living]

10 Cheap and Easy Summer Meals — This Mediterranean Couscous recipe costs less than $3 per serving and is a versatile time-saver to boot! [Cheapism]

How to Be Productive Without Being Busy — Be willing to let go of "good" opportunities so you can really focus on the "great" opportunities. [Life Optimizer]

Ten Strategies for Handling the Stress of a Financial Crisis — When faced with a financial crisis, make sure you burn through all the resources you already have at home before you buy new things or restock. [The Simple Dollar]

Other Essential Reading

How Much To Spend On A Hotel While Traveling Abroad — The Big Mac Index will help you figure out whether you're overspending on a hotel. [Financial Samurai]

10 Simple Ways To Save Money On Gas — Close your windows when you drive. Open windows create drag and causes your car to use up more gas. [Cash The Checks]

4 Things You Should Do Before Buying a Home — Shop around and compare rates with multiple lenders, or get a broker to help you out. [Debt Roundup]

How to Be Patient … Now — Stop thinking about the future and how long it'll take to get there. Live in the moment and focus on the now. [Think Simple Now]

Pregnancy Nutrition: What You Should Be Eating — A pregnant woman's body needs more iron, folate, fiber, protein, calcium, and heart healthy fats. Fill up your grocery cart with foods like beans, avocados, lean meats, and leafy greens! [Parenting Squad]

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