Best Money Tips: 30+ Ways to Save Money at Walmart


Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found articles on simple ways to save money at Walmart, how to have a green Super Bowl party, and hidden fees to watch out for.

Top 5 Articles

37 Amazingly Simple Ways to Save Money at Walmart — A clearance item has been discounted to its lowest when the price ends with a 1, like $12.01. [Money Pantry]

5 Simple Ways to Green Your Super Bowl Viewing Party — Buy drinks and snacks in bulk to keep packaging waste to a minimum. [Shoplet]

5 Hidden Fees to Watch Out For that Could Be Adding Up — The price of a concert or sporting even ticket is loaded with fees when you buy online. You can save some cash by purchasing your tickets directly at the venue's box office. [Money Spruce]

Try these 15 free educational apps for your kids — These apps will help your kids develop their skills in literacy, math, and more. [The Monitor]

DIY Warming Rub For Sore Muscles — This all-natural rub can sooth sore muscles and makes for a nice massage lotion. [PopSugar Smart Living]

Other Essential Reading

Top 10 Ways To Save Money On Valentine’s Day Gifts — Celebrate the holiday on a different date. You'll be able to avoid holiday pricing — and holiday crowds. [Money Q&A]

6 Tips on How to Find your Next Internship or Summer Job — Tap into your network of family and friends. Let them know the kind of work you're looking for and be ready to provide an up-to-date resume if they ask for one. [Money on Trees]

Gain Financial Freedom Through 14 Fantastically Simple Questions — These simple questions will point you in the direction of a financially secure future. [Pinching Pennies]

How to Stand Out at Work and Get Promoted Faster — Respectfully let your supervisor know if you would like to move up the ladder and ask what you might need to do to get a promotion. [Money Mini Blog]

8 Tips to Deal with Difficult and Rude People — When you're dealing with a difficult person, pay attention to your body language and responses. Proper communication can go a long way in keeping a conversation civil. [Pick The Brain]

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