Best Money Tips: 42 Ways to Simplify Your Life

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Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some great tips to simplify your life, use old furniture, and take frugal road trips.

Top 5 Articles

42 Ways to Make Life Simpler — Ask yourself, "Will this matter in 5 years?" [The Positivity Blog]

8 Quirky Uses for Old Furniture — Use old-style entertainment centers for regular storage. [Money Talks News]

How to Take an Inexpensive Road Trip — Stay off the interstate to avoid paying tolls. Take the scenic route instead. [Generation X Finance]

How to Dye a Faded Pair of Jeans — Learn how to dye a pair of jeans in a washer or on the stovetop. [Mom Advice]

Tips for Using Social Media in Your Job Search — Use a similar avatar, username, and description to help potential employers identify you across your profiles. [Bargaineering]

Other Essential Reading

6 Saving Tricks to Help You Build Your Net Worth — Look for ways to save on your biggest expenses first, then work your way down. [SavvySugar]

12 Things Highly Productive People Do Differently — Track your unproductive habits with a to-don't list. [Marc and Angel Hack Life]

3 Big Steps to Fight Off Rising Produce Costs this Summer — Grow your own garden. If you don't have the space, look for a community garden in your area. [Beating Broke]

Bank Switch Kit and Checklist — Change your direct deposit information as soon as you open your new account. [Consumerism Commentary]

$4 Million Not Enough to Retire on If You're Young — Your retirement fund won't go as far as you think once you factor in inflation. [Free Money Finance]

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