Best Money Tips: 5 Tips for Those Working in a Job They Hate

By Linsey Knerl on 8 September 2010 0 comments

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips roundup. Today, we give you tips for surviving a horrible job, the 12 things every Italian kitchen should have, and how to make a knotted scarf from a t-shirt!

Top 5 Articles

5 Tips for Those Working in a Job They Hate – Does your day job stink? Rejoice in the fact you're not alone – then check out this insightful article. Bargaineering

Smart Strategies for Saving Time and Money when Flying – There are some simple ways to avoid stress and overspending when taking a plane to your next destination. Can you believe that signing up for free samples is one of them? Mom Advice

The Italian Pantry: 12 Ingredients to Keep in Your Kitchen at All Times – Wanting to cook like a real Italian? You'll fail miserably without the dozen essentials. (While you're at it, here's how to make your own sundried tomatoes!) Scordo

7 Surprising Facts about Millionaires – Think that all rich people inherited their windfall? Think again. Bust seven myths about the wealthy in this quick read! Watson Inc.

DIY: Make a Knotted Scarf from a Men's T-shirt – Just like the ones in the catalog, only much more affordable! Because She Started Knitting

Other Essential Reading

Crispy Baked Taco Bowls – Just flip a muffin tin on its top to make these delicious bowls! Annie Eats

Why You Shouldn't Rely on Clothing for Actual Waist Measurements – Can you believe that some brands of men's pants are a whole 5 inches off in their measurements of the same size? No wonder shopping is so difficult! Esquire via Lifehacker

What to Do with the "Other" Pile – Sorting things leave you with a giant "don't know what to do" pile. Tackle it the right way with these easy steps. Unclutterer

How to Keep Your Financial Information Safe – With all the places you share your personal info with, it's no wonder that many shoppers don't feel safe! These tips can help you nail down your security practices in a jiffy. US News My Money

Yes, You Will Get Social Security – Are you one of the Americans that believes SS won't be around for you when you retire? Read this article (along with some of the dissenting comments), and let us know what you think! Get Rich Slowly

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