Best Money Tips: 5 Weird Ways to Save Money

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips roundup. Today, we tell some weird ways to save money, how to spend less at Disney, and the best way to donate your car to charity.

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5 Weird Ways to Save — This list of strange opportunities are just over the top. (Don't say we didn't warn you.) Time's It's Your Money

How to Donate Your Car to Charity — There are things you can do to ensure that your donation helps the most. Do you know what they are? 20 Something Finance

10 Disney Vacation Tips and Lessons Learned — Since I was a kid when I last visited Disney, I had no idea about some of the tactics the park takes to get you to spend money! Study up before you visit, and keep more cash in your pocket. Frugal Dad

A Smart Spreadsheet Template for Car Shopping — If you love the idea of a simple DIY spreadsheet to help you with your buying decision, this sample (and worthy tips) will work your shopping experience! Lifehacker

Fantastic Frugal DIY Ribbon Washer Necklace — I can't believe how easy this is! Make a gorgeous accessory that looks store-bought (for almost nothing.) Frugal Upstate

Other Essential Reading

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How Can I make it as A Single Parent — I've been there, and it's not easy! Read this post for a good start, and then take in the comments for some of the best tips ever! Fiscal Fizzle

3 Reasons Cockroaches Would Make Excellent Entrepreneurs — This funny, brief comparison couldn't be more true! Planting Dollars

Top 4 Wedding Budget Busters — Not all of your guests will even want to drink! Plan accordingly to avoid overspending in these major areas. Being Frugal

Decoding Your Supermarket Weekly — Do you really need to buy 7 jars of jelly to get the 7/$7 pricing? No. Get more answers to your burning questions from the experts. Cheap Healthy Good

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One thing I did was: I have my business cell phone and we had our land line phone.
I added an extra phone to my business cellphone for an extra $9.99. So i transfered the land line number over to the new cell phone. then dicinected the land-line. saved about $50.00 a month. can not claim the other cell-phone that is $9.99 thuogh, since its not used or business..


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I believe it's practicality that is the best way to achieve a very relative money saving. A good control over your expenses and a strong disposition in handling money is something you must achieve to pertain a justifiable means of spending your money. Being wise and qualitative buyer is a good start to this execution.

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