Best Money Tips: 50 Easy Ways to Save Money


Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some great articles on 50 easy ways to save money, costs and benefits of the family dog, and five smart ways to spend $1,000.

Top 5 Articles

50 easy ways to save money — To save money easily, learn to cook from scratch and negotiate prices whenever you can. [think money]

The Costs and Benefits of the Family Dog — While having a large dog can cost you around $900 a year, having a dog also lowers your stress levels. [Get Rich Slowly]

Five Smart Ways to Spend $1,000 — If you get a tax refund this year, consider using the money to build your emergency fund. [Free Money Finance]

Ways to Save Money and Find Discounts When Shopping for Health Insurance — Save money on health insurance by opting for catastrophic coverage. [Savings Scoop]

Save Money by Leaving These Six Things off Your Weekly Grocery List — Don't waste money on dryer sheets and other fabric softeners. [Financial Highway]

Other Essential Reading

Biggest Travel Bargains To Consider This Summer — Since it's hurricane season, you can get cheaper flights to the Caribbean. [SavvySugar]

9 Money-Saving Collaborative Consumption Companies — If you are a fan of collaborative consumption (or peer-to-peer sharing), be sure to check out Getaround and thredUP. [Fun2Rent Blog]

30 Online Stores That Offer Free Return Shipping — Both Apple and Amazon offer free return shipping on items you'd like to return. [JoeShopping's Blog]

How To Save While Staying Healthy — Stay healthy on a budget by getting outside and walking. [How I Save]

5 Steps to Take When Your Child is Diagnosed With Autism — If your child is diagnosed with Autism, find an early intervention program. [Parenting Squad]

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