Best Money Tips: 50 Ways to Feel Better About Yourself

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found 50 quick ways to feel better about yourself, myths about saving energy, and finding the motivation to work out in the winter.

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50 Ways to Feel Better About Yourself Right Now — Talk to the person standing next to you in line. A bit of small talk can be a fun way to connect with strangers — you might even share a laugh! [PopSugar Smart Living]

5 Energy Saving Myths — Closing off the vents will not reduce the heating bill. Rooms that are cut off will draw heat from the warmed rooms and cause the whole house to feel colder. [Get Out of Debt Guy]

How to Find Motivation For Winter Workouts — Encourage some accountability on your part by joining a running or workout group. [Frugal Beautiful]

12 After-Work Activities To Prevent Burnout — Listening to music is a great way to relax after work, so pop in your favorite tunes and dance! [Pick The Brain]

3 Ways to Handle Unexpected Expenses — Take stock of the resources available to you. Do you have emergency savings? Can you get a line of credit or help from friends or family? [MoneyNing]

Other Essential Reading

The 7 Tools Every Vehicle Owner Should Have — An On Board Diagnostics (OBD II) code reader is a fairly inexpensive tool that can help you diagnose what's wrong with your car. [The Allstate Blog]

5 Things You Can do to Become Financially Independent — Setting specific goals, with timeframes, will help you stay motivated to improve your finances. [Dinks Finance]

33 Ways To Cut Expenses, Make Extra Money & Save Your Budget! — Make a concentrated effort to use up to the food in your fridge and pantry. Waste less, save more! [Retired By 40!]

17 Genius Household Organization Hacks For Staying Sane With Kids — Use over-the-door shoe organizers to hold dolls and other toys…or even snacks! [Lifehack]

5 New Year's Resolutions for Every Mom — Want to make some changes to your parenting? Consider the resolution to take more pictures WITH your kids, not just OF your kids. [Parenting Squad]

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