Best Money Tips: 50 Ways to Slash Your Food Budget


Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found articles on smart ways to slash your food budget, steps to take to become a better investor, and savvy ways to save money at warehouse stores.

Top 5 Articles

50 Smart Ways to Slash Your Food Budget — Last year, the average U.S. household spent $7,023 on food! Use these tips and tricks to lower expenses and contribute to a healthier body, wallet, and planet. [Cheapism]

8 Steps to Be a Better Investor — Stick to the basics! Keep your investments simple and your costs low. [Kiplinger]

5 Savvy Tips For Saving Money At Warehouse Stores — Warehouse stores seem to carry everything — which makes it very important that you stick to your shopping list so you don't walk out with a cart full of things you don't need. [PT Money]

Why Facebook is important for your small business — Facebook is launching new tools and handbooks that will help small businesses increase effective engagement with their consumers. [The Monitor]

Have a Ring Stuck on Your Finger? This Simple Hack Will Solve Your Problem — Don't freak out if a too-small ring gets stuck on your finger. This neat life hack will have that ring off in no time! [PopSugar Smart Living]

Other Essential Reading

Everything You Need to Know to Start Running — Any ol' pair of sneakers will work for your first run, but as you get into the habit of it, you'll want to get a pair of shoes just for running. [Lifehacker]

Getting Your Money Ready to Move Out of Your Parents' House — Figure out what might hold you back once you're living on your own, whether it’s a financial or emotional hurdle. Once you know what your roadblocks are, you can create an action plan for them. [My BankTracker]

10 Ways to Prepare for Your Holiday Spending — Are you traveling for the holidays? Bring your own food so you aren't forced to pay a premium for airport sandwiches. [SheBudgets]

5 Tips on Juggling Your Family and Your Business — Use stress management techniques when you feel overwhelmed. Exercise, meditation, and working on your hobbies are great ways to reduce stress. [Time Management Ninja]

How to Throw the Perfect Football-Themed Baby Shower — Set up a tailgating area outside (weather permitting) with finger foods, casseroles, and sandwiches! For dessert, get grab-and-go sweets like cupcakes and cookies. [Parenting Squad]

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