Best Money Tips: 50 Worst Inventions

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Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips roundup. Today, we give you a list of TIME's 50 worst inventions, a nifty homemade coconut mango popsicle recipe, and tips for making a second job work!

Top 5 Articles

The 50 Worst Inventions — Paul Blart may disagree, but this list is entertaining, nonetheless. TIME via Consumerist

Is Your Car Ruining Your Budget? Second to mortgages, cars are the one expense I hear most people complaining about. Find out how in this eye-opening perspective. Fiscal Geek

Homemade Coconut Mango Popsicles — It’s not too hot where we live this Memorial Day, but these still look deliciously cool! Get the tips for creating your own luscious treats. $5 Dinners

How Does Fraud Protection Work on Your Cards? — Not sure what “fraud protection” is? Need a primer on how it actually may protect you? We got you covered. Consumerism Commentary

7 Money-Saving Ideas for City Slickers — None of these will work for my rural lifestyle, but a girl can dream, can’t she? Moolanomy

Other Essential Reading

Traveling Cross-Country Dirt Cheap — This reader story is chock-full of great tips! Use some to help cut costs on your own long-distance adventure. Get Rich Slowly

How to Make a Second Job Work — It’s tough, but sometimes necessary: We’re talking second jobs, and this advice can go a long way towards helping you whistle while you work. Delivery Away Debt

Economic Consequences of Childhood Depression — Having a very unhappy childhood can affect how much you earn later in life. Find out more in this serious piece. Parenting Squad

DIY Swaddle Blanket — Feeling Crafty? This homemade blanket would not only make a great shower gift, but would be perfect for baby dolls, too! Prudent Baby via Mom Advice

Hotels Doing Away with Tiny Soap Bars — Those hand pump dispensers in the shower kind of freak me out, but I understand why they are making the switch. Find out when and how this will all go down. Smart Spending

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